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In the middle of Basilicata stands the majestic massif of Monte Vulture, halfway between Bari and Salerno. a red wine is on the slopes of the 1,326-meter-high extinct volcano up to 800 meters cultivated connoisseurs already pull out the corkscrew at the mere mention of: the Aglianico del Vulture is a liquid delicacy to see this DOC wine and a lot more is there in Gaetano Capellis novel ” Storia controversa dell’inarrestabile fortuna del vino Aglianico nel mondo” reduce Gaetano Capelli: “Storia controversa dell’inarrestabile fortuna del vino Aglianico nel mondo” at.

Let’s try Capellis of characters, motifs and episodes abundantly laden work on the actual plot – so to speak the opaque foliage of the vine, together with its fine Geästel cut back to the force of the upward spiraling tribe to explore.

the ethnologist Riccardo Fusco is his life circumstances more than tired. Wife Eleonora touring as a celebrated actress in classical disciplines, leaving family and household duties throughout it and adds to them cheerfully horns on it.

he loves his four daughters, of course, from the heart, but they also want to be constantly looked after. As gray eminence of the family mother-hovering over all ground sufficiently present, in order to exert permanent control in everyday life. Riccardo’s academic career is stagnating; no sock interested in his research. Since it is a guardian angel as called. His name is Grazia Tonio Dell’Arco, went with Riccardo to school and now wants to succeed as a winery on the slopes of Mount Vulture.

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In the orbit of Vino Aglianico the two magnificent castles in the air to grow, and to withdraw with Grazia Tonio into the higher spheres of Cupid and Mammon, Riccardo need only to its wings to staple But. In vino veritas. The dreams have too little body, the aromas evaporate quickly, and remains in the finish, as might be expected, nothing Even at school Grazia Tonio was teased as “Doofi.” – no wonder ridiculous with such a first name. But thanks to lucky coincidences in his adventurous Vita he’s just been catapulted to dizzying heights and now leads a life of luxury in his villa on Lake Como and in the Chianti or on his yacht.

His fate turns abruptly when he meet at a gala dinner at Conte Yarno Cantini del Canto degli Angeli. That the nobleman has long been impoverished, does not diminish his class consciousness against the wealthy parvenu. Eiskalt he denied the upstart running up a place at his posh table – scandal! While the media with the jet-set scandal ignite sales boom, Grazia Tonio tilts in the unbridled nosedive, because suddenly the nouveau riche, vulgar “Neotrampel” flashing from everywhere.

The public humiliation can Grazia Tonio seek revenge. How can he put the financially gnawing hunger cloth Conte death blow? Whose favorite child is his winery. For years, his drops are awarded internationally, and the American magazine “Wine Spectacle” ( “the bible of the drinking culture”) with its most influential critic Chatryn Wally leads at the top of its rankings. Here Riccardo comes into play Also Chatryn Wally had begun as an ethnologist. during a research trip she was Riccardo, a real Latin lover , encountered him had “explored” and “learned to love”. Riccardo has the confidence to being able to rekindle the former embers quickly. Then it will be easy, he assures buddy Grazia Tonio to have to punish the wine of Conte.

In fact Chatryn rushes on Riccardo’s invitation with flying colors to him, though with a heartfelt concern in the luggage, of which he knows nothing. True to all sides desire Riccardo Chatryn lays flat so long until the Lukan Dell’Arco wine ( “puzzling … archaic … straightforward … mysterious like an old magic”) hopefully finally in the list of “Top 100 Wines of the Year “picks up, and as far as possible in front of the greenhouse Conte … To this strain around arranges author Gaetano Capelli a variety of side shoots. One of the strongest has its origin from the chapter.

“The Texan from Ferrandina met the famous camel” and describes a piece of history. Michel Antonio Dell’Arco, Grazia Tonio’s father was a tightwad, “the self-indulged even less than the little that he sent to his day laborers.” Ironically, on his estates in 1952 huge methane gas deposits are identified in January. Already he dreams with “cowboy hat … and cigar in his mouth at the wheel of a Cadillac Eldorado” – and knows that the Italian government to exploit those resources themselves and may expropriate the landowners mercilessly. But Michel Antonio has not been known to survive mild agrarian reform? Perhaps a trick also helps this time. After begging and Bribing can not prevent the expropriation, he mimes the pathetic to death sick and starving herself down to the deathbed.

There finally calls the humpbacked witch Lia (the “drooling”), and she begs him under an impressive archaic ritual with gimmicks to give the methane-land to the peasants, “otherwise it pulls down”  Gaetano Capelli is a brilliant storyteller and -erzähler. The journalist and writer who worked 1982 Jean Paul and has been doing clearly inspired for his own style discovery;

Note once the names of his owls. In addition to his fertile imagination it distinguishes his amusing tone that hovers of the factual and gentle irony between seriousness. His characters he places so without hesitation and gladly sardonic, humorous swipes, and he is not afraid to juggle with clichés. Masterly are his sentence constructs that can barely fill a book sometimes. The author was in 1954 in Potenza, the capital of Basilicata, born, and you can feel on the pages of his book, that he perceives the heartbeat of his ancestors who had come in extreme poverty and simplicity with all the adversities of life somehow zurande and that he worshiped, what makes the culture of this barren landscape.

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