The Role of Gender, Ability, Relationships with People, Class, Sexual Orientation in the Shaping of My Life and Social Location

To me, social location is a term, which describes where an individual fits in society not only in GRECSOA, but also in age, religion, relationships with people, and other characteristics of a person’s social location These different details of an individual’s life have a big impact on many aspects of one’s life. They affect how the individual’s life is shaped or formed and develop his or her social location in the world. Gender, ability, relationships with people, class, sexual orientation, and race, have all played a part in shaping my life and social location Race has been the stronghold for developing my range of relationships between different races.

There is a negative side to race though. This is where the racism and prejudice comes into play My grandma and grandpa for example, they always tell me how i shouldn‘t sag my pants since I’m white. Even though I don’t sag, they always told me that I shouldn’t sag.

In my life, there have been some benefits for me since I’m white. For instance, I haven‘t been faced with the problems that many of blacks have had to deal with, such as crime.

All of this could easily relate to what is called ethnocentrism: The belief that one’s group is superior to all other groups. Since my grandparents talk about how I should dress and act perfect since I‘m white and not black> makes it sound as if whites are better than blacks.

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On the other hand, race has developed my social location in many ways relating to diversity. For example, my parents use to go to an all black church when I was little. Going to an all black church has influenced me to accept other races as how they are since a kid Moreover, we use to go to African»American parties that friends invited us to. Also, we even played badminton and ping pong with many Asians as a group Throughout my life, I’ve had many friends of different races or ethnicities, Going to a full black church have contributed a diverse part of my social locationt Not only has race influenced my location in many ways, but gender has too.

Gender has shaped the part of me that makes me the male that I am, For example, I’m a twenty year-old male. Since I‘m a male, people view me as if I am suppose to be very polite and others as if] should be a big, masculine bad boy, Although these may be stereotypes, I am still held accountable on them for some level. Stereotypes are an oversimplified set of beliefs about members of a social group or social stratum In my opinion, I believe stereotypical generalizations are a major part of what shapes a person‘s gender from the start, A generalization is applying information obtained on a small sample of units to a larger population of the units , Females, not all, but a large portion, believe men should be polite and hold the door open for them, which I totally agree with, In contrast, males have the opposite views of me, They believe that I should be masculine and tough. The way I walk, the way I act or dress, or even other characteristics are examples of what shapes my gender.

For instance, I don’t go around wearing a skirt or girl jeans, because I‘d be classified as a fag. I dress like a normal guy, which is an example of what develops my gender: A male might have some qualities of him that are considered female—like, I believe that I do, I can be caring and sensitive at the same time, which most would probably consider to be female characteristics, yet that doesn’t make me female. Simply, I also believe that it’s gender roles that shape somebody. Thus, since there are certain roles of how I must act since I am male, I think that a lot of these roles or expectations from people have shaped me, This process can be tied into what is called gender socialization. Gender socialization the process in which men and women learn the expectations associated with their sex t Since others learn how they should be and act in relation to their gender while growing up, I believe that gender socialization plays a role in gender locations In addition to that, I grow facial hair and have to shave it like all other males.

My appearance and behaviors are both two main examples of my gender. Along with gender, comes sexual orientation. Religion and sexual orientation tie in together. Religion is the foundation for my sexual orientation, as I grew older, although I have and always will be attracted to girls only. I’ve been raised in church as a protestant Christian all of my life In church, they preached about how being a homosexual isn’t right or considered a sin, although we’re suppose to love them they said I’m not one of those to say that I hate gays, because I don‘t have anything against them, I know that many people in churches do have “homophobia.” Homophobia is the fear and hatred of homosexuality  I believe that it‘s not right to hate gays. If you ask me, Ijust think it’s unnatural, Actually, I had a friend that came out as gay after a while, yet I never stopped being his friend This is the process known as coming out, which is the process of defining oneself as gay or lesbian. The main point is as said already; the fact about it being unnatural and my sexual orientation is straight as it has always been, Not only has religion shaped my sexual orientation somewhat, but it also has been the basic for much more. It‘s shaped how I believe in things.

It’s built a foundation for ifl believe in hell, heaven, God, and so on, I’ve also been taught that it’s creationism, not evolution that has been the explanation for how we got here. Creationism includes the belief that humans have evolved not via a Darwinian natural selection process, but via the action of a god. To summarize how religion has impacted me, it has affected the way I believe things, such as in heaven, angels, sinning, etc“ While religion has formed the basis of much of what I may believe, I have three close people who have impacted me in other ways There’s a certain class that I consider myself and other people consider me to be in different kinds of classes. Class is defined as the social structural hierarchical position groups hold relative to the economic, social, political, and cultural resources of society Now, in my opinion, I‘m neither upper class nor working class. “The upper class owns the major share of corporate and personal wealth”  I consider myself to be middle class, even though the book states: “a large portion of Americans consider themselves middle-class.”

I’m not poor, working constantly, or wealthy and rich; therefore, that’s why I consider myself to be in the middle class. I earn great money and have a nice car, yet I’m not overly wealthy and rich Therefore, I’m most likely middle class. That‘s how I view myself in relation to class. In comparison, people also have their own views of where I stand. Among the majority of my friends, they consider me upper class. This is because of my high paying job and nice car for my age, According to them, I have a lot of money, yet if you compared me to other people, I’m really not Now, other people see me as middle class The groups of people that see me among middle class are middle-aged and elderly people. Friends of mine view me as rich, outgoing, and funny, and easygoing. Girls portray me to be sensitive and nice or sweet sometimes, Not all girls picture me this way though, My family members picture me in another way.

They believe I am loving, yet inconsiderate at times. All in all, many different people have different views of me, Some think I might be weird or too nice. A lot of people think of me as a great guitar player. Itjust varies from person to person. I’d say, most people define my class though as middle class. In conclusion, my abilities to play or do different things have really helped me in developing my social location. The diverse ranges of races have helped me to accept others for who they are Because of my gender, have certain expectations of me and I many of these generalizations have shaped me My sexual orientation has always been straight, My dad, boss, and brother have been three of the major positives for my location. And, finally, throughout my life, I consider myself a middle class person, while friends consider me upper and most others see me as middle. Overall, that is my social location.

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