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The best sauce was hunger. In second place Wang Li Shui follows. Born in Hong Kong, he lived like a hundred and fifty thousand Chinese, as a cage man on two square meters floor area. His career began as chef of a Triad boss. About Belgrade he traveled illegally to Vienna. His own restaurant was closed quickly, because a dog scandal. (I do has always had an uneasy feeling sour-sweet in the umsoßten cubes of meat in the Chinese buffet for 12 euros; who knows how many were these cattle in reality but straßenverkehrsgeopferte dogs …)

Wang is. chef at the “Shanghai 1938”, a bar in the exciting world of Disney China. Donors are the billionaires of the Hong Kong Triad. CEO of the entire complex is Michael Yang. (I had already always known that every Chinese restaurant a money machine is actually …)

For a month cooking Wang disappeared without a trace … The first-person narrator of the novel is Xaver Ypp. For twenty years he has been editor of Gourmet Journal “Lucullus”, and with his fifty years, he now has the Altersgleichmut; others say simply that he was a “apathetic” man.

He lives in a Substandardwohnung (ie with WC in the hallway) and has no overview in his paper messie room where rows of piled full of magazines and books. In this hole you will inevitably to Depri, and Xavier, the risk exacerbated by its indirect blame for the death of his wife Cheng. Add new wind into his lethargic life brings the seventeen year old Quentin.

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Dr. Spa, the publisher of “Lucullus”, considers him the “Super Switch” of the future. Xaver is to bring it to the taste away from his children’s program with fries, spaghetti, schnitzel, etc. and towards the carnal pleasures.

People meet in “Shanghai 1938”. Quentin has brought his girlfriend Zoe. As a vegetarian, she is in the right place, and want even more so as a fighter rid of the radical group “Six feet”, all animals that are being held in Michael Yang’s zoo. And quickly, because we know that the Chinese eat everything that has four legs (except tables) and all two legs does (except relatives).

Kurt Bracharz ‘ “The second best cook” is an extraordinary crime novel , The author must except Brehm’s Animal Life, the whole Wikipedia at hand have had, because how else to get to all these animals, including offal and appendages? The described meals are a chamber of horrors. still reasonable quite harmless and in fact for all of us is the cute roommate of each nursery, the guinea pig. But on the “three Quiekern” but you want to quarrel a little with his appetite. Why “three Quieker”? Because these living rat pups sneeze three times when they are submerged in hot oil and live bites … So much for the hors d’oeuvres. Master Chef Kurt Bracharz but bring even to the point of absolute refusal.

The book belongs in the thriller genre. Thus, it must be clarified first, where the missing chef Wang got there. Of course, one answer lies particularly close: cooked and eaten! For the Chinese goutiert biped. But will betray nothing here …

Xaver Ypp has a brother Rudolf. Is such a high security clearance, he can only be achieved with daily changing email address. One of the secrets he carries concerns the planned meeting of the dreaded Triads and Mafia bosses in Vienna – a kind of criminal “joint venture”. It comes to a showdown, in which triads and all the world’s active intelligence with round, manufacturing and defectors meet. An Israeli is kidnapped, Serbian Nazis are responsible for, to direct the Mossad on the wrong track. thrown as many actions on a big pile, which creates a new subspecies of the crime genre: the compulsive hoarding thriller. You can indeed even dig in and by … yes, after what, anyway? … What does this smart selected and beautifully designed cover shows do not exist to my knowledge in Aldi’s range. Panda canned. The Vienna should be well guarded her favorites at the Schoenbrunn Zoo. There, incidentally panda mother Yang Yang gave birth to her second baby born on 22/08/2010 – (! For a zoo) aperitifs, see the-panda-junior-bub-online-voting-name ”

Kurt Bracharz ‘” the second best cook “was awarded the German thriller prize 2010. So an oblique crime I have not read so far.

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