School Experiences: My Best Friends and Best Memories

13 years of education gone in a flash. Like blamokablingo. Over the past four years, I’ve gained some of the best friends I have ever had. People like Ricky, Tyler, Tim, Derrick, Ricky, Emily, Shaylyn, and Ricky. You all have made me into who I am today, and who I will be tomorrow. I’ve had more fun than I could have ever imagined, thanks, buddies. Not only did I have a ton of fun but I got a lot accomplished.

I’ve done so much homework it’s unbelievable, but the fruits of my labor were worth the effort. The colored ropes at graduation were definitely worth the 40 hours of community service for honor society and hundreds of hours of homework to become valedictorian.

Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friends. Emily, Shaylyn, you guys taught me that friendship is an unbreakable bond that can be broken. You also taught me how to be cool, thanks, swag.

My favorite memory with you guys is when we replaced the golf course grass with legos. Derrick, you distracted me from my work just long enough for me to realize that I didn’t even need to do it in class. My favorite memory between us will always be when we popped that guy’s hot air balloon with your industrial slingshot, shuck em bruh. Tyler, you’re hair is like a tsunami of masculinity.

You got your English poem from not poetry out loud and from that point on I knew we were gonna best buds.

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My favorite memory with you is when we snuck into that gymnastics competition and took first place. Tim, you inspired me to work harder. You pushed all to succeed at your level and I can honestly say would not be even close to as smart as I am now without you. My favorite memory with you is when you taught me how to make an origami rice ball. Ricky, from birth I have known that we were destined to be best friends. You were there to lift me when I fell and for that, I t, hank you from the bottom of my heart. You taught me how to love and how to get back up even when you know you’re just gonna get knocked back down. I’ve gained so much strength from all the times you’ve put me in chicken wings or punched my knees.

You are a truly inspiring friend. You work so immensely hard to do the most pointless task in the world, like opening a door at a weird angle with your arms. But you put forth almost no effort in the things that matter to almost everyone else at your age like school and academics. Somehow with this minimal effort, you manage to succeed in your numerous AP classes. It leaves me flabbergasted. You’re afro, was a masterpiece of modern architecture. The ninth wonder of the world. It was poofy, smooth, thick, and soft.

It was the pinnacle of humanity. After 4.5 billion years of evolution nature, a reached a culmination, Ricky’s afro. My favorite memory with you is when we tried to capture that sheep from the cow farm across the street but then we had to spend the night under that one cow, together. My favorite memory with your afro is when we tried to buy those money trees but it turned out that they were just regular trees with a giant picture of a penny taped over them.

These memories will never fade, and they will always be my favorite. My friends have become my good friends and my good friends have become my pretty good friends. I asked I wise man once “what is holding up the earth?” He said “The tortoise of time,” I said what’s the tortoise standing on then?” He said “another tortoise”, and I said, “what’s below that”? He said, “It’s tortoises down”. If you have learned anything in your only years of free education remember, it’s tortoises down.

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