The Benefits and Importance of Traveling Around the World

Shambaugh (2013) claimed that traveling around the world has increased over the recent past. People are leaving their countries to visit the neighboring countries and even countries outside their continents. Traveling gives one an opportunity to have time and interact with other people around the world. According to Hornerand and Swarbrooke (2016), most people travel during holidays since they have free time due and they can have time to travel on their own or with own families. However, some people travel at any time to explore the world.

Travelling has thus allowed people to interact, make new friends, embrace cultural diversity and create networks.

Importance of Traveling

Create Cultural Sensitivity

Travelling has enabled the creation of cultural sensitivity whereby the practices of other people are valued and respected. People from various countries have got different ways of life that make them different in the sense that their practice may look inferior to that of others. The interaction of people thus gives them an opportunity to understand why others practice a certain culture.

For instance, in Southern Spain, the Spanish takes two to three hours for siesta and lunch, a culture which is viewed by other people as laziness. However, the practice has a lot to do with historical value for family face time. Thus, this is a culture that if understood well by a foreigner, people would embrace each other’s culture. Conclusively, being aware of cultural values and norms helps in understanding the international issue and cultural conflicts.

Moran et al. (2014) explained that learning about other cultures by traveling and interacting creates an environment for understanding and building perspectives among people of diverse backgrounds.

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Learning of diverse cultures creates mutual understanding since it helps expand the horizons of thinking and shade light on the actual difference in the world culture. Consequently, people would live in peace and embrace each other’s unique culture.

Getting Immersed in a Second Language

In globalizing the world, it is important to be fluent in more than one language. While traveling, people get the opportunity to interact with people who have the ability speak different languages and will help the travelers to build the urge of learning a new language. The mastery of a foreign language would open the opportunities of making new friends since communication would be made easier.

Breakdown Barriers and Overcome Stereotypes

People who have not traveled may have a different opinion and perspective of other countries. The news that people hear about other countries may make people have a negative or better view of the country. However, traveling would give the person an opportunity to experience have firsthand information about the situation and culture of the people of the host country. Consequently, this would help break barriers and overcome stereotypical view of others.

The Beautiful Culture of South Korea

The uniqueness of the South Korean culture makes them different from that of other countries. The cultural diversity is broad such that there are several cultures have been embraced by the Korean citizens. Howard (2016) explained that the South Korean cultures include religious beliefs, yearly celebrations, and the arts of music. Although these cultures look no different from those of other nations, the way of practice makes them unique and different.

Religious Beliefs and Diversity

The Korean religious culture supports religious freedom where Confucianism, Christianism, and Buddhism are the main religious groups. Religious practices are respected since they believe that their Gods have divine powers and the believers are obliged to go by the religious believers and teachings. The uniqueness of the religious beliefs among the South Koreans is that all people treat each other with equality despite the different religious affiliations. The mutual understanding and cooperation have made South Korea a peaceful country bonded by diverse religious beliefs (Howard, 2016).

Arts and Music

The South Korean music and arts are unique since they are linked to natural cycles or religion. This has given rise to the folk culture which is popular among the Koreans. For instance, the Gangnam style, a song by Psy, achieved fame in 2012. The local music is entertaining, and their uniqueness makes the South Korean music different from those of other countries (Howard, 2016). Conclusively, visiting South Korea is worth since it gives an opportunity to have a taste of diverse cultures.


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