The Importance of Medicine While Traveling

When somebody mentions medicine, the first thing that comes to mind is something over the counter or prescribed that could help address a medical issue. However, medicine doesn’t always have to be something one physically takes, It could be something the world offers wherever you go; all you have to do is go out and explore for yourself. Many use laziness as an excuse to stay at home and avoid hopping on a plane or taking a road trip to some place new.

Although traveling may require planning and preparation, its beneficial aspects such as developing humbleness, relieving stress, and opening minds to different perspectives make the efforts put into it worth the trip. Depending on where you travel, traveling has a way of humbling you. It tends to make you appreciate the life you have rather than the lives other people have no choice but to live. Take, for instance, third world countries in Africa and Asia.

Zimbabwe, a country in the southern part of Africa, is currently suffering from extreme poverty.

its people are left with a lack of clean water supply, food shortages, and many with no appropriate place to live. A few of my friends who have visited Zimbabwe reported that the men, women, and children there all have the most warm-hearted smiles on their faces. Seeing how truly blessed our lifestyles are compared to the people there in Zimbabwe inspired my friends to become better people. They cut back on complaining and instead began to appreciate what they have more.

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Sometimes we, as humans, overlook our blessings and take what we have for granted. At the end of the day, there is always going to be someone who has it worse than you, and the best way to prove it is to see others’ situations for yourself. Traveling is a natural remedy for our brains that helps relax our minds. Everyone has had one of those days where they feel like taking a break from their personal lives.

Whether it is because you’re working 3 jobs at once or because your kids won’t stop running around the house causing a mess, a vacation is most likely all you need. Stress is not healthy for your body, and too much of it without taking a break and relaxing once in a while can develop some serious problems, physically and mentally I guarantee you will not see anyone pulling their hair out on a beautiful, tropical beach in Hawaii. If you‘re not a beach person, there are calm, majestic mountains where you can camp at to isolate yourself from your hectic lifestyle. Different people have different preferences when it comes to what place soothes them the most. Whatever it is and wherever it may be, taking a vacation is the perfect opportunity to relieve stress andjust sit back and relax. No matter where the destination is, traveling will expose you to new and diverse cultures.

Seeing how people and their environments differ from place to place will open your eyes to new ways of thinking Some might say that‘s what the Discovery Channel is there for, but experiencing the places first-hand will have a much greater impact on you than watching it behind a television/computer screen. From the different religions/languages spoken to the unique meals and altering architectural structures, diversity is everywhere you go. Turkey, located in southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia, is a country bursting with culture. When I visited Turkey, I noticed their culture was similar to that of the Middle East’s, but different to how it’s like in other areas of the world. Hearing the Turkish language was soothing to my ears. Seeing some of the oldest churches and mosques decorated on the inside with exquisite designs and stunning mosaics was pleasing to my eyes. Tasting their savory dishes was an every~mealetype- of—deal there. At first, I was not the most convinced to try lamb because I was used to mostly eating chicken and beef, After trying the lamb, however, I realized it tasted a lot like beef but with a different (maybe even better) flavorr My trip to Turkey was truly an eye-opening experience that I would recommend to anyone. It comes to show how traveling outside of your little bubble will familiarize you with different cultures, perspectives, and views on life.

Meeting new people, seeing new lifestyles, even being able to try new dishes will help you gain an understanding of the world outside of what you’re used to. Once you become accepting of others’ lifestyles and ways of thinking, you’ll notice how your own personal View on things begins changing for the betteri Embracing new cultures certainly opens your mind and teaches life with a whole new meaning. As you can see, traveling has its disadvantages and advantages, but the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. Exploring different places and being open to what these new places will bring to you Lies back to why traveling can be the cure to most peoples’ problems Yes, it is expensive sometimes and yes, it can take a lot of energy to start packing However, nobody would reject an opportunity to better themselves by becoming more humbling, stress-free, and open-minded, so why reject traveling? Although traveling may not be the tastiest medicine because of the expenses and effort that may be put into it, it certainly does heal you in Same ways.

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