The Importance of Traveling in Order to Experience Different Aspects of Culture

Appreciating different people is important in understanding how they understand and interpret their culture which embodies their customs, history, traditions and norms among other cultural aspects Culture plays a major role in shaping how people or societies function and how they perceive other people and their cultures. However, experiencing different cultures is not possible without traveling. People in different cultures must travel in order to experience different aspects of culture. TTaveling to the Mayan Riviera helps in appreciating the rich Mayan culture and its history, While travel to the Riviera is meant to offer relaxation from busy lifestyles, it is a fact that it is more informative than relaxing The Cancun as it was previously known, offers a traveler a chance to experience the rich ancient history of the Maya people and their beliefs.

There is a huge cultural legacy that was left behind by the Maya and offer the traveler appreciate that ancient Maya people were conversant with science and art.

Travel to the Riviera allows the traveler to relax in the fastest growing tourist destination that offers unique environmental and cultural diversity, It is important to understand different cultures and the factors that shape them. Religion was part of the Maya people and the Maya pyramids are understood to he places of sacrifice and other rituals and this was significant in the existence of the Maya. Language is intrinsic in defining or understanding a culture and it also determines the continuity of such cultures.

The Maya people were different groups that spoke more than five hundred different languages and some still exist to date.

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Language is the medium that passes on the norms, values and traditions from one generation to the other. In the case of the Maya, it is evident the culture has been adulterated by the invasion of other languages, However, there is still a remnant of over five hundred languages still left, though the ancient culture has been flexed. Though the pyramids are encompassed in the religion, they are an indication of rich architectural values which is also depicted by the stone monuments and glyphs. In the religion, it is possible to understand the ways of life and the dominance on other societiesr Religion also portrays people’s way of thinking and their behavior. The Maya religion was centered on sacrifice, both blood and agricultural sacrifice which means that the Maya were ardent farmers in the field and animals.

Personal values can also be derived from the architecture of the temples with religion coming under the spotlight as a major factor in defining the values of the Maya people, This is just part of the culture which also includes the scripture, the sophisticated calendar and the tree of life among others This is an example of the richness of culture and the many ways in which it can be appreciated On the other hand, it is also important to understand what influences cultures Though this ancient culture and its people seem extinct, there is still a good number left that continues to use the same languages though the culture has evolved and assimilated by modernization. Traveling to the Mayan cultural and heritage sites offers a good understanding and appreciation of different cultures while at the same time understanding the factors that influence different cultures. This signifies the role of a language in the continuity of any culture.

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