Traveling Around the World as the Biggest Dream in My Life

What is the biggest dream in my life? To answer this question, I have an exacted response This essay is about the biggest dream of my life, which I would like to achieve in the near future and enjoy this for the rest of my life. The biggest dream of my life is to travel around the world First, I will go to The United States of America, I will visit New—York, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Honolulu, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando, Los Angeles, Miarnit Then I will fly to Canada and visit Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa.

After Canada, I will fly to South America and will explore many countries in the regions I would like to stay in Brazil for a longer period to experience their carnival, as I really want to participate in this festival.

There are many reasons why I would like to travel around the world, but I want to describe one of them I have traveled a lot in my life and realized that traveling is a great learning process.

I visited Turkey, Georgia, Malta, Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, United Arab Emirates In each country, I gathered incredible life experience, have made many friends and tasted delicious local food. I aim at visiting all countries of the world with the intention to learn their traditions, religions, languages, to try their food and discover a lot of new interesting things. In conclusion, I want to say that if people don’t travel around the world, they won’t enjoy this life or discover something new, Traveling is a great experience and we can learn much more abroad rather than the internet or photos because this is a real experiment, which we can feel, and notjust see.

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