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My Biggest Dream Paper

Topic Sentence: My biggest dream is to become a stage performer and eventually have my own concerts and world tours someday. Everyday, I look forward to have my biggest dream to be a reality because dreams are simply made to be real and not Just to be a mere thought waiting to be discovered. Dreams do not Just happen because a dreamer needs to have passion and determination to make dreams come true. My biggest dream is to become a stage performer and eventually have my own concerts and world tours someday.

It gives me the feeling of satisfaction and self-worth as I imagine myself being able to share my talent in music to everyone who also loves the world of music. I always keep on dreaming that I can seize the stage of famous concert halls around the world and perform something extraordinary because it fascinates me every time I hear someone having world tours or even those performers who happen to have local concerts in Araneta, Pagcor or Mall of Asia.

As for the moment, there is this negative feeling that makes me think I can’t make it and I also have my hesitation within myself. I set my goals but then again, I am not that confident that I can attain all of those dreams someday. Despite this uncertainty, I believe that if I am not bound to fulfill those dreams I defined right now yet it is a sure thing for me that I am bound to something wonderful that God has planned for me ahead of my Journey as an emerging person.

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