Which Bubble Gum Brand Would Blow the Biggest Bubble

The experiment behind the bubblegum test is to see which bubble gum brand would blow the biggest bubble as an outcome so people that like to blow bubbles know which one is the best. Well, the scientist has done the experiment and has answers. The bubblegum brands that were tested in this experiment were: Hubba Bubba, Bazooka Joe, Bubble Tape, Big League Chew, and Double Bubble. The hypothesis in this experiment was ¨Hubba Bubba because the thicker the bubble is, the harder the bubble will be to break when blowing a bubble.

¨ Now, what is bubblegum made out of some may ask? Well, the resin is the main part in gum, that’s the part that’s chewy. Wax is the part that softens the gum and makes the texture smooth. Elastomer makes the gum stretchy and flexible. Bubblegum is made up of different starches. Bubblegum has polymers to make a big bubble. This is called chemistry.

Gum has something called polyethylene.

Polyethylene is a molecule that helps make plastic bottles. The history of how bubblegum became a thing is interesting. Back in the old days, people used to chew something called chicle. Chicle is made of sap from trees, but later on, chemists found out how to use plastic and rubber to make gum instead of sap from trees. Many Europeans also chewed the bark from trees as well. Gum’s main part is the flavor. Companies have a plan to trap the sweetener to make the game last longer, but not all companies succeed to do that so that’s why some flavors don’t last very long.

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A tip to blow a better bubble is to wait for all the flavors to be gone. The reason why is because gum has sugar molecules and the molecules are so small and sharp and those sugar molecules can easily cut the bubble when being blown. When people swallow gum, there’s a myth saying the game will stay for seven years but is that myth really true? No, the myth is not true and here’s why. Gum doesn’t break down.

The chemicals in someone’s body are not strong enough to break down gum like food, but gum is not always a good thing to swallow. If someone swallows a lot of gum that gum can clog up the digestive system. So swallowing gum is not always a good idea. Gum can stay up to three days in someone’s stomach. Gum is also really helpful. People can accomplish many things while chewing gum. Some people chew gum while studying the day of the test. Gum can increase the score individuals get on a test because gum helps you remember. Gum also helps people read faster. Gum is also a good stress reliever. If people are on a time crunch or some may just be stressed about that day, so people can chew gum and get more relaxed. Gum was made many different types of ways and here are a few. Back then there is proof that Europeans who lived in the North used to chew on birch bark tar. People known as the Mayans used to chew something called chicle from trees. The Mayans used to chew chicle to help hydration or to fight hunger.

Now, who made gum? Well, a guy named John B. Curtis. First John experimented with spruce tree resin, then used paraffin for a soft and rubbery feel then added flavor. Then there was a problem with gum losing the flavor, but was fixed by William White. So the idea was to put sugar and corn syrup together and some chicle then added a little peppermint extract. Scientist started to experiment as time passed and made different flavors and recipes. There are many gum flavors and brands in stores now. Many gums today are also made from pepsin. The medeology of this experiment was how the scientist did the experiment, so how the scientist did this experiment is very simple. The scientist had three individuals help with this experiment. One person blew the bubble another measured the bubble and the last person took pictures of the bubble to have proof. After the bubble was measured the scientist put down the information in a notebook with each brand and the measured size.

The winner of this experiment was Bubble Tape with six point zero centimeters. The runner-up of this experiment is Hubba Bubba with five-point twenty-five centimeters. Third place winner was Double Bubble with five point five centimeters. The fourth place winner was Big League Chew with four centimeters. Finally, the bubble gum that came in last place was Bazooka Joe with three centimeters The results expected were different from the results presented. The scientist was shocked to see that a bubble could be three centimeters. Overall some results were pretty standard and some were unexpected. The main idea was which bubblegum could blow the biggest bubble and Bubble Tape won. In conclusion, the scientist’s hypothesis was wrong, which was ‘’Hubba Bubba, since the thicker the bubble is the harder the bubble will be to break when blowing the bubble.’’

The Bubble Tape brand won in conclusion. Things that could be changed for others doing the same experiment is to measure the bubblegum a bit more precise and blow about the same amount of air into each bubble without the bubble popping. Some technical difficulties were blowing the bubble, then measuring, then taking a picture all at the same time. Measuring the bubble gum the same exact amount since some bubblegum brands are different shapes or forms was another problem, but in the end, the experiment was to help people who love to blow big bubbles or even win in a bubble gum blowing contest.

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