The Audience's Perception of the Brand Ambassadors is their Perception of the Brand Itself

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A brand before choosing its brand ambassador follows certain criteria and looks for qualities in an individual which are already discussed in the paper. Apart from wthe, hat brand looks the consumer group has certain needs for the perfect brand ambassadors. The research studies done by researchers show that the consumfavorvour brand ambassadors with the qualities like congruence, credibility, attractiveness, and power (Lea & Greenwood, 2012).

Congruence is the connection between the chosen one and the brand. Congruence is the key factor in the process of choosing brand ambassadors and then comes credibility, which is the complete aspect of communal diplomacy (Nye Jr & J.

S, 2004). Therefore, brands could choose a brand ambassador by knowing the likes of consumers through different sources.

The core factors of choosing and analyzing the perception of consumers are discussed and the next key process is the way of presenting the brand ambassadors. Ads play a vital role in presenting the brand ambassadors. Advertising is directed at motivating customers to buy a product (Jefkins, 1982).

Brands use celebrities to create unique advertisements and build a positive ideology about the product within the consumers (Ranjbarian, Shekar & Momeni, 2010).

A common idea among advertisers is that advertising messages delivered by celebrities provide a higher range of appeal and attention than done by non-celebrities (Copper, 1984). Advertisers attempt to steal a fraction of n individual’s time to inform him/her of the different attributes of the product. Because of the constant media saturation that most people experience daily, they eventually become numb to the standard marketing techniques (Bimal, Dhanda & Nagra, 2012) An advertisement is very crucial because there were cases against celebrities for acting in negative ads such as ads mentioning racial discrimination.

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Ashton Kutcher is a famous American actor who has fans all over the world. Kutcher had many box office hits in his name between 2000-2010. His tie-up with a chips company named Popchips led to a controversial YouTube ad in 2012 featuring Kutcher in brown makeup as an Indian character ‘Raj’. A dialogue used by ‘Raj’- “I was in a milking contest and I won it” creates controversy (, 2012).

Later Popchips CEO Keith Belling apologized to all those who got offended. However, Ashton has lost his good number of followers for acting in this Advertisement. Apart from Kutcher other celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Mary J Blige and Tyler Gregory have also faced similar issues (, 2017). So, advertisements are a very crucial process and it should be taken with wellness care. Advertisements feature celebrities who have a vital role in marketing a product. Apart from ads brand ambassadors can market the product at events and live programs. Many such events have happened recently. The brands will start campaigns which is nothing related to the product and it will end in branding the product. Celebrities will attend such events and they will mention the brand through maximum resources. EWOM is the most used method nowadays and a celebrity sharing thing about the brand will be further shared by followers and goes on. So, the reach of the product will be at its peak. It has now become a common thing that nowadays in movies, short films, and web series they promote the products. A lot of marketing options are in this process even though viewers want to skip it.

Seeing their heroes and heroine characters in movie marketing a brand will create an impact on people and the product will be injected into the minds of the people.

This study is to explain that choosing a brand ambassador for any product isn’t easy. Many have a mixed concept that brands market their product using brand ambassadors just by looking/at their popularity. The research will be able to list down various steps/processes on this concept by providing credible data, flowcharts, tables, and images.

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