Does Chewing Gum Help You Focus?

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What is gum? What does it do? Why is it so popular? What makes it so chewable? What is the history of gum? Well, this Science Fair Background Research paper will tell you all of these answers.

What is gum? Gum is a sticky substance that you can chew in your mouth. If it is a certain type of bubble gum you can blow bubbles with it in your mouth. There are many different flavors of gum mint, spearmint, orange, cherry, strawberry, grape, cinnamon, lemon and 179 more.

Along with many flavors of gum there are also two hundred types of gum bases.

What does gum do? Gum is believed to improve eating habits, protect your teeth, reduce heartburn, help your breath not stink and so many more things. This is very good for many reasons, one is because no one wants to smell bad breath. Another reason gum is helpful is because nobody likes having heartburn. Some people don’t even realize it, but gum can help us in our lives every single day.

What is the history of gum? The game became popular during World War 2. At the time gum was made of a type of rubber tree sap called chicle. During World War Two gum became very popular in America and everybody wanted some. The tree chicle came from was called A Sapodilla Tree and the tree didn’t have very much chicle in it and at the time everybody wanted some so the trees ran out very quickly and since the trees were running out so was the gum.

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After World War Two scientists decided to find a substance to replace chicle and found one. Gum is now made of four ingredients resin which is the main part you chew, wax which softens the gum, elastomer which adds flexibility, and flavoring which adds flavor.

What makes gum so popular? People take chewing gum as a two-in-one deal and think that it is a sweet treat along with it cleans your teeth and makes your breath fresh. People spent so much money on gum in 2016-2017 in the United Kingdom three-hundred-seventeen million dollars were spent on some type of chewing gum. People are now starting to think that sugar-free gum is better for you so now sugar free gum takes up now three quarters of the gum empire.

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