And God said: You have to help me! Hans Rath Review

The biblical message of Christmas is – albeit heavily distorted – a kind of trigger for the plot of this book. Because the author proclaims his audience remarkably great joy: you is born a new Messiah, who is Jacob Jacobi, the psychotherapist, in the town of Nameless. A second Christ the Savior is here! He will cure the ills of the world! Engel and readers crowds had good reason to praise the Almighty and to say, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace among those whom God favors.

” But our messed up world seems to do better not even Heavenly father possible. Therefore, he is descended very own, has adopted human form (he calls himself “Abel”) and its Chosen Savior Dr. Jacob Jacobi sought to deliver him his job personally. “And God said: You have to help me!”

Who can relate to the basic concept of this book, the crude,> funny More Reviews beautiful: Books and music CDs for the Advent and Christmas time, see Books and Music for Advent and Christmas on books reviews “.

Consequently, we once exemplified together where it cracks and crackles in the earthly crossbar. The whole thing if you please cheerful, so that it does not in witty, slightly inscrutable episodes hurt. If the reader thinks for a bit in this way, it can be a do-gooder and even help to improve his world. DC input event from evil in everyday life is the humorous mood.

Dr. Jakob Jakobi, 49, and first-person narrator, is in festive final sprint to get at the Christmas market last minute gifts.

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But along the way, Nicholas and lurking him Ruprecht. “Merry Christmas and money here!” She whisper to him, referring to their wooden clubs and request cash, mobile phone and the good watch. The psychotherapist, alerter interviewer by profession, always dazzling mood hung up and a little joke, parrots with the two that rival him in anything, be very few assets on the authenticity of the watch on big shots who can afford it ( ” earned in an honest way, “the robbers) say, and about his charity (one hundred euros could fifty Africans against river blindness preserve) – all in vain: his property is gone. A homeless man (also a “nice guy, by the way”) has watched ( “Good Show”), Jakobi explains about the global data octopus and gives him a tap-proof underpants.

A little later is Abel Baumann before Jacob’s apartment door , Four years earlier he had ever visited him. Initially had Dr. Jakobi still a “serious schizophrenic psychosis” anticipates, for the man remained “God himself”. Later, he was not so sure. (Know Hans-Rath fans: This book has two previous volumes, “And God said: The devil is just a man!” And “God said: We need to talk!”.) After a car accident died Abel Baumann in the hospital; Jacob was there live.

It’s back, “just risen from the dead,” and invites Jacob for breakfast in a café one. Abel talks, thank God, not so old-fashioned and overweight, therefore, as with Luther but just as brash as any other person, quick-witted, ironic, provocative, like also cryptically, with profound undertones. He remembers Jacob to his belief that he owed (Abel-god) his existence, and prepared him for what he’s up to him, “If people do not only want, but also believe then sets the unsuspected energies.”  Then, seriously. “Jakob Jakobi I, the Lord your God has chosen you to bring people a good news … you shall announce that I would like to renew my covenant with the people. .. thou shalt world hunger fighting, stop all wars and mankind point the way to a peaceful, just and prosperous future. ” Jacob hesitates, finally take his cross but up.

Each “world savior” starts once small. Jacob warned skinheads in the subway to desist from beating her defenseless victim ( “Begin by thinking about Precisely now..”) – and they move like lambs away. Again, someone has watched impressed and promoted Jakob now to the next level. Jannika, 25, whose physical attractiveness him far more interesting than what she has to say, enlightens him, “how much suffering, pain and death is in our conventional food,” brings him vegan diet closer and persuaded him his ” “use, namely the action group” gift “for a” higher purpose participate freaks of Nature “. Since learning Jakob know the gay Frenchman Claude, whose family has been producing generations foie gras. The nocturnal animal liberation spectacle (total: six freed chickens) Jacob carries naively yuck clothing: down vest, leather shoes and a wool sweater. And in this style it cliché goes from one topic to the next to cliché far-fetched, but always with a tacky feel and ‘nice’ tells …

In order to openly say it: This book balk at my hair -. not because it strained my religious feelings, but the mind What would Hans Rath with this book (or series)? Of course he wants to bring his readers in an amusing way to perceive the problems of our world and think about how they could be perhaps a little tempered. Objectively, the reader gets not more than Trivia ( “Every now and then a good work”). The amusement the other hand, feeds on the dubious concept of sending God as life-like guy with little human weaknesses in our daily lives, making him, he, also, is reduced to a rather banal figure. Jacob also can not deal seriously his monstrous task, of course; there is nothing more than clever slogans garnished entanglements. Bottom line, the book is no more than halfway edifying tomfoolery.

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