The African Art Pieces of Theophile-Alexandre Stein in the Van Vechten Gallery

When I first entered the doors of the Van Vechten art gallery, there was a piece of African art that really inspired me. From this piece, I assumed that the rest of the art gallery was filled with African art. As I started to make my way around the museum, and observe the diflerent artwork I noticed that the majority were painted by a white artists. As I looked around there were two pieces by Theophile- Alexandre Stein that stood out against the other artwork.

One painting was entitled The Lefant Malade. It was a picture of a man and a woman and their child. The man is sitting down in a chair with his head down in hrs hand as if he has disappointed his wife and child.

The whole is on the bed daydreaming. and the baby has a sad look on his face. My interpretation of this painting is that the man has lost his Job or the family doesn’t have any money.

Now they are concerned about how they are going to feed the baby, and that is why everyone is looking melancholy. The next painting is called Misere. It is a woman holding as a baby and she has a depressed look on her face. I like these two paintings because they show the struggle. By far, the most interesting thing about the gallery is that African Culture Inspired most 01 the artists in their paintings. The Van Vechten gallery is full of artwork by both black and white artists inspired by African culture.

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