Thousand Pieces Of Gold Sparknotes

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First she lived in China with her family. Her family is poor so she fears that she is going to lose her home. When she gets sold she loses her home and her family. She wants to escape from the bandits and run back home, but she escape. Then she get? bought and sent to the united States. She still thinks her home Is back In China and she plans to gather gold and use It to buy her way back there.

She meets Jim, who to free her, but he dies and that ends her hope of going back to China. The person who buys her was Hong King, and Poly lives in the back mom of his saloon.

After Charlie frees Poly, they live together and she realize her home is in the United States. They marry and move to Salmon Canyon to farm. Lulu lost her home, but eventually finds one with Charlie where she can be free.

Lulu loses her first home in China tragically. Lulu gets caught by the bandit leader when she runs out of her hiding place to get a basket of potatoes. The bandit leader is Chin, her old laborer. Father tries to be brave and stand up for Lulu, but Chin threatens to kill his whole family because he knows all the holding places. There begs to make him let her go, but Chin offers to pay for her. Lulu tries to persuade him to let her go, but he refuse. Then Chin calls Ouzo to bring some seeds and throw them in front of father.

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? stared at her father, willing him not to pick them up. He reached out, hesitated, then looked up at Lulu, his eyes pleading for understanding. She twisted her face away, a sob strangling in her throat. Behind her, she heard him snatch the bag and scoop up the spilled 50) Her father has to decide between his daughter and the survival of the rest of the family. It shows how she is leaving her mom.

Lulu is happy with her family, but her father sells her and she loses it. She is thrown out of the house Like not family. She loses her home for two bags of seeds. She come back to the family If she really wanted too. Now that she Is sold she go back to her family, because she doses? belong to them anymore. Poly know where she belongs. Poly and Charlie are walking to the top of the hill, and when they get there and look down Poly sees that to the left is the white part of Warrens where she lives with Charlie. There they are celebrating the Fourth of July with loud music and fireworks.

To the right is Chinatown where they any celebrating and are acting like it is a regular day. Remember one time a man bring a performing monkey to my village. The man divide the audience in two and give each side one end of a rope to hold. Then the monkey walk carefully back and forth between the two sides. At each end, he stop a little bit, but he cannot stay, and so he walk again until he so tired, he 178-179) Poly Is going back and forth between the Chinese and the whites. Poly lives with Charlie In the white part of Warrens, but she Is Chinese and works In Chinatown. She is stuck in the middle.

She know where she belongs or where to call none. Poly has to save her own home with Charlie. Poly leads Charlie out the house because she has a surprise. They talk about the canyon and how the river is frozen. They talk about taking trips to the Hump. Then Poly says that the Hump the only place people take trips. Charlie says yes it is. Poly says that Charlie is going to Warrens to file the mining claim. She dragged away broken pine branches laden with clumps of new snow, revealing a ditch exactly four feet square and ten feet 235) She digs a ditch even though it was frozen solid.

Chinese own land which means that Poly still free and still needs to be taken care of. With the mining claim Poly can own her own land, her own house and be free. She can protect her land from miners if they try to take their land. Lulu life is about making her own freedom. Lulu loses her family and her home in China. In Warrens Poly know were she belongs. Finally she realizes her home is with Charlie in Salmon Canyon. Poly is sold from her happy family and home and never allowed back. Poly is stuck between the whites and Chinese. She know were she belongs. She finds her home in Salmon Canyon with Charlie.

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