Tastes Funny Synthesis George Stein

Is a working student who Is looking for a stable Job that would provide for his financial needs. Finding out that Eastern Dally Is hilling, he quickly applied and found out that this might be one of the better Jobs he could find. The salary was above the normal in the industry, the working environment was not that stressful, and the schedule would allow him to attend his school during the day.

After being accepted in Eastern Dairy, he was assigned at the freezer where he would stack containers of mix.

However, since there is a limited number of manpower during the sight shift, everybody pitched an extra hand where work might be needed. One night the pipe that transports the mix line used for making shakes were clogging up badly and persistently with maggots.

Should their group stop operations and continually unclog the pipes, they would not be able to deliver the necessary products on time costing the company more money.

Paul, who often make the decisions during the night shift, told George that they should Just remove all five filters so that they could meet the deadline. He said It would be safe because the homogeneity would be able o collect all the sold materials that will go through the filters and the pastries would kill all the bacteria that may exist on their product.

This made George uneasy and think what he should do Point of View George Stein – the immediate action should come first from George because he must initiate things so that actions may or may not be done about the situation.

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Operations Manager – he or she would be able to properly assess the situation as to what is an acceptable or not acceptable steps to take Problems Identified Lack of quality control, quality management, and quality assurance systems that old ensure compliance to quality standards.

Lack of modern health, safety and environment (HOSE) policies, procedures, and controls that would ensure compliance to environmental standards. No formal training for employees before deployment to work Expectations from employees are not clear Statement of the Problem What necessary steps should George Stein do in order to deliver the product on time without sacrificing quality? Objectives Implement quality control, quality management, and quality assurance systems that would ensure compliance to quality standards.

Implement policies, procedures, and intros on modern health, safety and environment would ensure compliance to environmental standards. Communicate to employees the foregoing policies and procedures and set expectations to employees Areas of Consideration (SOOT) Strength Eastern Dally Is unloaded and the wages paid to employees were over twice the minimum wage George had been paid on his previous Jobs.

Easy Camaraderie wealth teen workup Labor relations seems amicable Weaknesses Poor management and Organizational structure No formal trainings or instructions given to newly hired employees before plowmen to work No managers assigned during night shift to supervise the work of employees Expectations from employees are not clear Poor maintenance of warehouse where milkshake ingredients stores “self appointed” shift leader didn’t seem too concerned on the current situation of the company commendation Formulate quality control and quality management system to ensure that quality of products, stuff behavior and administration are under control. Design a monitoring situation.

The company should assign manager who will to monitor the activity of employees and quality of production. Create Authority. Set direction for the organization and align employees on the direction set by management. The goals set should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Motivate people to achieve the goals. Create ethical concept and corporate social responsibility to employees. Improve the organizational culture. Implementation Policies and procedures in proper handling and storing of inventories should be implemented to minimize theft, waste, and spoilage of inventories. Appoint person who will be responsible in controlling quality of materials used in process and the finished products sold by the company.

Employees should be trained on health and fatty standards from procurement of raw materials, storage, handling, manufacturing and distribution of finished products. Before deployment to work, newly hired employees should undergo formal training to communicate the company’s rules and procedures, policies, expectations, goals, targets and company culture. Learning Points This case provides an example of how a lack of a code of ethics or ethical training within a corporation can lead to negative consequences. The major players in the case are the night shift employees of Eastern Dairy, and the management of this company that set up the rules and expectations for the night shift.

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Tastes Funny Synthesis George Stein
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