The 5S's of Digital Marketing

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The 5S’s of digital marketing provides a strategic way to attain the goals of an online business platform. They are fundamental for the attainment of efficiency, which means optimizing at every available opportunity as well as maintaining the quality standards of an online product. Moreover, the 5S’s give a sense of who should be involved, how they will be involved and eventually what will be the results.

5S’s-Serve for Budgy Smuggler

Budgy Smuggler like any other business needs to make a return on what it offers hence the need to sell.

The products that Budgy Smuggler offers need to reach the end user and result in actual financial benefit. Therefore, an online platform sells by attracting members to the site, making them sign up and eventually sell actual products such as swimwear from Budgy. This process should be tailored in such a way that it is pretty easy. Budgy Smuggler, for instance, requires an email, and one will be ready to make a purchase.

Speaking is the next S that Budgy Smuggler utilizes effectively. The online platform provides a clear explanation as to what the product is all about, who it belongs to regarding gender, age and size, and provides an additional recommendation that will inform a customer. This means a customer knows all that is required for the product. Additionally, Budgy utilizes other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook always to inform its customers. By so doing it attracts and engages them continually. Serving a customer through an online platform is one of the challenging bit but when mastered well it is easy and straightforward.

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Just as it works in Budgy, it requires virtual presence and responding at all times. Online chats are key and responding to complaints should be prompt. In Budgy, serving is measured through customer satisfaction responses where a customer is requested to rank the different aspects of the online platform and how they worked in his or her view. Budgy saves time and money for its customers. Online platforms first and foremost are advantageous in the sense that they can be accessed from anywhere contrary to the normal stores. Budgy offers quality product eliminating the need for a customer to window shop and makes comparisons hence saving time. Additionally, the products are priced fairly saving the customer their hard earned money. In Budgy Sizzling is an everyday activity. It entails improving the online user experience as well as brand improvement. As a result, referrals and returns by impressed customers will be the norm. For this to happen, quality needs to be maintained, and the pricing is always fair. Lastly, the online platform needs to be enhanced and have that catchy look for new customers.

Role of Budgy Smuggler in Marketing is a key tool for Budgy to meet its marketing objective as well as the overall company goals. Through the platform, the company can show its unique products to the final consumer who will eventually make a purchase. But then, from a marketing perspective, the site does a lot. First, it can provide a broad base for marketing activities, which includes the introduction of the existing and new products to both new and existing customers. Additionally, the site meets the needs of a marketing mix by it being tailored towards the desired market in the sense that athletes and other interested parties for the swimwear are directly reached eliminating blind marketing activities to individuals who are never interested in the product (Leventhal, 2012). Lastly, the site plays a key role in providing feedback to the marketing team regarding compliments, complaints, and suggestions.

Marketing Mix 7P’s

Budgy meets the 7P’s of marketing amazingly. Its products are tailored in such a way that any swimmer is attracted to them. Important to note is that the products can serve the purpose they were meant to handle. Just as is the norm in marketing, a product is worth what the customer is willing to buy it for. As such, pricing cannot be underestimated as a key ingredient in the marketing mix. Budgy prices resonate with the budgets of the customers hence its ability to thrive. By having an online platform, place requirement is effectively covered in that when and where it is required are all taken care of. Budgy’s promotion strategy serves it well in the sense that the company communicates what it can effectively offer the customer. This is achieved, through the use of the site in the form of product images as well as detailed explanations of crucial information to the end user. Another key way the company markets its self is through the people who have been impacted by their products. The quality is usually a determinant. Through the bride that customers have in the products and positive feedbacks through the site and under product review links, the site blends well into the marketing mix (Leventhal, 2012). The site also allows a seamless process to obtaining the product or information to new customers. As such there are no frustrations in decision making or getting the product eventually. Lastly, physical evidence is key, and this means getting the product to the customer in the fastest way and the state that it should be. Budgy meets this by providing for a detailed description from customers and giving the appropriate timeliness for delivery.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, Budgy Smuggler has been greatly impacted by digital marketing. This is evident from the 5Ss for digital marketing, which includes, selling, speaking, serving, saving and lastly sizzling. Moreover, the website has given the firm an upper hand in meeting the organizations market mix thereby driving the sales and revenues. Lastly, the marketing mix’s 7Ps have played out well allowing the company to thrive through them. As such, Budgy Smuggler is on the right track in all aspects of digital marketing. It should invest, however, in research activities relating to how it can keep improving its online platforms into the future.

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