Executive Summary The main objective of this research paper is to

Executive Summary:

The main objective of this research paper is to collect existing national and international information on the specificities regarding the position of a digital marketing specialist. This analysis will explore the required qualifications, responsibilities of the role, the importance of the position, and evaluate the industry to which this particular career best fits.


While there are no definitive requirements to become a digital marketer, there are qualities and skills that a person can possess which would make them a more appropriate candidate for the job such as a university degree or college diploma in business administration, communications, public relations, marketing, journalism, or a related field (National Occupational Classification, 2019).

Previous experience in sales, advertising, public relations, communications, or any field related to information systems and data administration also proves beneficial when selecting the suitable people to become digital marketers (National Occupational Classification, 2019). Marketers are passionate learners that seek to satisfy company goals and digital marketers are no exception to the rule (Forbes, 2015).

As a facilitator in an ever-changing industry, ideal candidates are people who are adaptable and flexible; willing to immerse and educate themselves in the latest relevant news, events, and connect with other professionals to ensure that only the best version of anything is ever presented. Most digital marketers also generate powerful narratives and stories about a company’s vision and mission, so individuals with strong technical skills such as communications, increase their likelihood of performing well in this particular role (Forbes, 2015). Creativity is also a valuable asset in a digital marketer, however, recruits must understand that a vivid imagination needs the balance of analytical thinking to be effective (Forbes, 2015).

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Similar to other industries, digital marketing is a multifaceted field which means that contenders must be able to manage themselves and their work in an organized manner. Lastly, digital marketing applicants have a desire to help businesses grow because ultimately, the position doesn’t exist without a symbiotic relationship. Successful digital marketers are individuals who have extensive knowledge of technical skills but more importantly, are dedicated, show initiative when performing their work, and are enthusiastic about helping an organization attain their company goals (Forbes, 2015).


Digital marketing specialists are responsible for the development, production, and deliverance of effective marketing campaigns through the internet, intranet, and other mobile applications and devices including an organization’s website, their social media channels, and their mailing lists (National Occupational Classification, 2019). Professionals in this field are usually versed in evaluating and examining growing trends by attending conferences, working with other digital marketers in the industry, or purely through their own research (HubSpot, 2019). They are adept at establishing comprehensive strategies to achieve a profitable digital presence and in maintaining a distinct brand image in the mind of consumers (HubSpot, 2019). Digital marketing specialists act as an advocate for their company, which is why many of them are concerned with building the right consumer-base, finding the most suitable target market, and making sure that the organization they work for is currently meeting the needs of consumers in that particular community through the use of key measurement tools (National Occupational Classification, 2019). They aim to translate business goals into engaging and exciting narratives that positively impacts public perceptions of an organization’s brand (HubSpot, 2019).

Importance of a Digital Marketer:

According to a 2019 report by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), over 70 per cent of internet users spend a minimum of three to four hours online per day, with 50 per cent of those users accessing the internet to shop online. The same report states that although a majority of shoppers still prefer to purchase goods and services from brick-and-mortar stores, the number of online purchases across various industries has nearly doubled in the last five years (CIRA, 2019). As emerging e-commerce trends continues to render more conventional practices in long-standing enterprises insufficient, the call for drivers with more interdisciplinary abilities in the digital sphere is getting louder (CIRA, 2019). Digital marketers are imperative to the survival of many modern day companies because they not only have the educational foundations of how to tell a brand’s story, but they also understand the importance of creating an SEO-optimized multi-channel marketing strategy, equipped with the best ways to engage and connect a business’s target consumers (Business Insider, 2015; Forbes, 2019; Wired, 2019). As a result, employment for digital marketers can span across a variety of industries — all requiring different treatments for their visions, missions, and goals (Digital Marketing Institute, 2016).

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