Teaching In The Digital Age

Skinner displayed a behavior that can be measured and observed by training pigeons, called operant conditioning. Skinner knew that if he used a reward, the food pellets, then the pigeons would respond and he would achieve desired responses that randomly happened with suitable stimuli. Although Behaviorist dictate the approaches to teaching and learning in lots of places in the USA, behaviorist will intensify their attention on those actions that can be measured and observed, just like with what Skinner did. Humans have a very complicated behavior, but it is feasible to reinforce those conducts through a reward or punishment, in relating to distinct stimuli.

Fontana admits that behaviorist’s see humans as objects that should only be observed, but that’s not the key factor.

The key factor is looking at how the human thinks, the cognitive aspects of humans. Fontana notes that we should look at the environment and how humans make sensibility of the environment as it relates to cognitive psychology.

Why do behaviorist look at humans as a red box? Cognitivist are not like behaviorist, because behaviorist are only thinking about what goes into the red box or what may come out of the red box. Never being distressed about the red box’s mental capacity or in other words, what goes on, on the inside of the red box. However Cognitivist say that we should look at the mental process of humans and how they think. In other words, inside of the red box. Educational objectives: The Classification of educational goals.

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Handbook I: Cognitive domain. New York: David McKay Company.

Blooms taxonomy says that an individual should be able to define facts, explain the facts, then use that information in a new situation, organize the ideas and lastly defend or stand on the decisions. Cognitive learning should be extensive. Cognitive learning should be ramified in problem-solving, and there should be higher order thinking. Why are these cognitive approaches soo broad? Well backing up a bit. Objectivist depend on details, doctrines and theories convinced that there is a truth that exists. However, cognitivist depend heavily on mental processes which can be altered by external factors, as in a new experience that one has encountered.

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