The Negative Effects of the Digital Age on Education

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In the article of “The English Problem in the Digital Age”, the author showed the negative effects of the digital age on the education. In the digital age, the teacher’s task would be more difficult to teach English for kids because their language was affected by social networking. According to statistics, most kids frequently exposed to social networking accounting for a high proportion, “Half of kids 8-12 years old own one, and four out of five teens do, too. Pew Research Center reports 60 percent of teens have a social networking profile” (Harris Interactive).

Many educators do not realize the influential problems of digital genres, and they even use it in education as a tool to support teaching and learning better than the traditional way. Moreover, they praised developing of digital technology “A fair example appears as a report from the National Council of Teachers of English titled “Writing in the 21st Century,” a laudatory rendition of digital composing that hails it as ‘the beginning of a new era in literacy”” (Bauerlein).

The applying of digital technology in education still has positive result, but there are still evidences show the negative impacts of digital technology in education. With the horrible negative consequences of the use of digital in education, the best way for students do not depend on the digital device is to create zones where the slow reading and writing again, and bring as much of the real world and create activities in and out class for students.

In modern society, the digital technology development despite negative impacts to certain number in our lives, but it also has many positive and useful in other aspects.

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Digital technology use in education can have negative impact for student when they abuse improper purposes, but it will be useful for teacher in transmission of knowledge to students. Moreover, if student are not familiar with digital technology in digital age, they will face with difficult in integration into the economy, society and culture around them. Therefore, the use of digital technology in education is necessary.

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