A Digital Graphic is an image or visual representation of an object

A Digital Graphic is an image or visual representation of an object. They are graphics displayed on a computer screen. And are made by a smart device for example a computer or phone. Examples of digital graphics are memes, posters, logos and can also be used by game or brand developers to show certain ideas before they go ahead to make

Digital graphics are used in a variety of areas such as education advertisement and because these are very easy to give out concise.


They are used in many forms which vary from billboards to being on TVs and mobile phones and screens at school to grab the audience’s or classes attention.

Advertising and promoting are very important especially now when there is so much competition for companies, so making a memorable advert makes their brand reach out to the audience and digital graphics can aid this. Digital graphics are made to give a visual logo or font for the name and can create interesting additions compared to a normal advert.

The age target market and other demographics like location income and lifestyle come into account. This image of the colonel gave a back story to the brand of KFC which can easily draw in customers. Secondly this video advertisement by Barclays included CGI (computer generated images) which added a waterslide the centre of a big city. This left a lasting memory for the audience as I still remember it to this day and it came out in 2008.

We also use digital graphics to create something that actually doesn’t exist in the real world.

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As the technology we have bettered so did our entertainment so that we have ways to fulfill the writers imagination. Previously the special effects were at a very basic level for example in the original Planet of the Apes film the actors had to wear ape costumes however like I said as the technology and special effects improve where we now have computer generated imagery we can create a whole new level of entertainment for the audience. As the generations go on we are exposed to these changing levels of effects and now I find it hard to watch an old film, and my dad struggles to keep up with the new films since there is so much going on.?

But digital graphics aren’t only used in films they could be a variety of things like memes and gifs and animated videos.

Digital representation to explain or inform people about something. This is useful because many people learn in different ways and we all can’t learn from just reading a block of text many people need to learn hands on and others with visual representations.?

They are used as resources for students to learn from in power points, leaflets, print outs, diagrams, posters and infographics.?

And also to give out information to the public such as posters in tubes?

From personal experience I feel that this style of learning helps a lot


Many images we see on our computers are usually raster graphics. Pictures we find on the internet and import from our digital cameras are also raster graphics.?

What are raster graphics??

Raster graphics are made up of square grids of pixels, bitmaps. However this comes with a disadvantage. Since these graphics store so much information they need large file sizes. To reduce the file sizes there are compressed image formats like JPEG and GIF. ?

Another issue with raster graphics is that because of the bitmaps when we scale down the image the quality stays the same but when we scale it up it turns out pixelated.?

In this case vector graphics are used, so they can be scaled to different sizes without loss of quality.


Vector graphics unlike raster are made up of paths. These paths could be a line, a squares, a triangle or have a curvy shape. The paths are used to make what is desired by the designer which could be diagrams, logos or even simple drawings. Because they are not made up of bitmaps they can be scaled up and not lose any quality which is ideal for a business or company as they can use the same file for their business cards all the way to putting it up on a billboard?


In my visualisation diagram I am using adobe illustrator which makes vector graphics

In digital graphics the file type used is essential because it affects how the image renders. There are two types of file types, raster and vector.


Compression is used to reduce the size of files. When a file is compressed, it takes up less disk space than an uncompressed version and can be transferred to other systems more quickly. This means, compression is used to save disk space and reduce the time needed to transfer files over the Internet.?


Stands for “Dots Per Inch.” DPI is used to measure the resolution of an image. The DPI measures how many dots fit into an inch. This means, the higher the DPI, the more detail can be shown in an image.

A target audience is a group of people which a company or brand can aim their product or service at to suit their needs. The companies take their target audience very seriously so they can create a digital graphic with a high level of customer satisfaction. ?

Examples of target audiences are over 60’s, men, women, teenagers, children, babies

This DVD cover establishes a very dark tone and is for a mature, adult audience. The target audience would see the man holding the little girls hand paired with the darkness and see that this film will be emotional.?

I think this cover is very well composed as it gives an impression of what is in the film and sets a target audience straight away.

This magazine is aimed at teenaged girls around 12-14 years old. I can tell this cover will attract this target audience because there are many stories on the front cover about fashion, style, boys, and gossip which young teens are stereotypically interested in.?

I also think the pricing of $2.99 would be set as the target audience is quite young and may only have some pocket money saved up.

This DVD cover has a target audience of children with the vibrant colours and eye catching font. The super family will make the child’s interest grow and the addition of Edna in the corner adds humour for the child.?

I also see this as targeted at children as it is rated U for universal

Layout: The way in which text or pictures are set out on a page.?

Composition: Composition is the way pieces or components are combined and arranged. This includes alignment, grouping, placement, space, and visual flow within a layout. ?

Colour Scheme: A set of colours that will work well together to create a unified aesthetic?

White Space: the unprinted area of a piece of printing, as of a poster or newspaper page, or of a portion of a piece of printing, as of an advertisement?

Focal Point: The focal point of something is the thing that people concentrate on or pay most attention to.

I must create a promotional poster to advertise a new development by City Futura.The city must look futuristic, modern looking, vivid and include sustainable technology in every building.?

From this brief I will look at futuristic buildings which I can take inspiration from and also see how I can incooporate sustainable technology?

There should be two versions of the promotional poster. One being a high resolution file to be used as a A3 poster to be printed and the other being a low quality version for a website with 500 pixels of width.


The target audience are potential property buyers who are working families. In a city with recreation and work oppurtunities. ?

The target audience will influence my design ideas since it is for a family I will include a family looking off a balcony at the city. This will show that the properties are suitable for families .


This diagram shows a man looking off his balcony to a modern city of the future?

I think the overall design is good and contains futuristic buildings and included a testimonial however it doesn’t fully meet the specification of the client brief since it should be for family and should be clear that it contains sustainable technologies.?

In my final poster I will include a husband and wife to represent the family and make it clear that there are sustainable technologies.

Copyright is an automatic right and arises whenever an individual or company creates a work. To gett eh copyright the work must be orignal and have a level of labour, skill or judgement.?

With copyright you can’t copyright an idea to a book but the actual content inside the book js what is copyrighted. You have the rigjt tp male a book around the same idea if you do not directly copy?

Names, titles, short phrases and colours are not generally considered unique or substantial enough to be covered, but a creation, such as a logo, that combines these elements may be in short, work that expresses an idea may be protected, but not the idea behind it. Yh?

Who owns a piece of work??


Normally the individual or the collective who authored the work will exclusively own the work and is referred to as the ‘first owner of copyright’ under the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. However, if a work is produced as part of employment then the first owner will normally be the company that is the employer of the individual who created the work.?

Freelance or commissioned work will usually belong to the author of the work, unless there is an agreement to the contrary, (i.e. in a contract for service).?

Just like any other asset, copyright may be transferred or sold by the copyright owner to another party.?

Rights cannot be claimed for any part of a work which is a copy taken from a previous work. For example, in a piece of music featuring samples from a previous work, the copyright of the samples would remain with the original author.?

Only the owner, or his exclusive licensee can bring proceedings in the courts.?

Duration of copyright

In the client brief we were told to create a promotional poster with a specific target audience and also to include the futuristic features of “City Futura” . I think my final poster really met the targets of the client brief however earlier in the process it didn’t. ?

I think my design gave a different perspective on the city which reflected back to the client brief. The addition of the family looking off the balcony to the city. I also believe that the style of the tree I used with geometric shaped creates a futuristic style to the poster. ?

To improve my poster I could make the sustainable technology more evident as it was required in the client brief. In my design the technology is hidden for example transparent solar panel glass and trees which let off wifi and pavements which convert the force applied but walking to energy which can be used to power electricals.

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A Digital Graphic is an image or visual representation of an object
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