Research Related to Blackboard and Google Classroom

The topic of our recommendation report is based on Blackboard and Google Classroom. We are trying to determine whether Google Classroom is better than Blackboard. We understand that there are multiple viewpoints about this topic. Furthermore, our reasoning for choosing this topic is because we have a general understanding of how Blackboard and Google Classroom work. Each offers many features, but we believe that Google Classroom would be more suitable for students and professors because of how it is designed and how easy it is to use.

In addition, Blackboard seems more complex. However, both are known worldwide by professors and students which is why conducting research for this topic can be beneficial for our group and other users of either one of these two.

Our overall goal is to gain more knowledge about Blackboard and Google Classroom but also to present information that explains why we believe Google classroom is better. Body When conducting research, it is important to choose sources that would be beneficial to the report.

I found three sources that would be helpful in supporting our claim. These three sources will provide us with information that will help us show our reasoning for our claim. The first source that I chose is an article titled, Google Classroom Updates K–12 Teachers Should Know (Zimmerman, 2018). This article provides information about Google Classroom and the new updates that have been made which allows us to use these examples as support when we begin writing our recommendation report.

According to Zimmerman (2018), one of the updates that Google has added to Google Classroom is the Classwork page.

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This is something that many teachers and students would benefit from because it will allow professors to post assignments in that section that the students can view. Another update that is Google has made is that “This addition comes with new grading tools…” (Zimmerman, 2018, para.6). This article strengthens our claim because it is explaining how Google Classroom is continually improving its system to enhance user experience. The second source is an article called, How A Learning Management System Benefits Young Minds (Patel 2018).

According to Patel (2018), “An LMS is basically an application that helps teachers to create, administer, and document the content…” (para. 3). Patel provides information about what an LMS is in the beginning part of the article which is helpful for the readers. I decided to use this article because the two topics of my recommendation report are Blackboard and Google Classroom. It was challenging to find articles that were specifically focused on Blackboard, so I decided to use one that focuses on Learning Management Systems which is what LMS stands for. Blackboard is an LMS so this article is helpful because it can provide me information to include when discussing Blackboard in my report.

Patel The third source is from an academic journal and it is called, Understanding Faculty Use of the Learning Management System (Rhode, Richter, Gowen, Miller & Wills, 2017). Rhode et al. (2017) conducted their research by keeping system logs and database queries to examine how to Faculty used the LMS and what features they used the most. This research was done based on a University in the Midwest. 

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