Blending of Web-Conference in Farmingdale State College’s Blackboard

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Project overview

  1. Our project aims at blending web-conferencing tools in the current version of Farmingdale’s Blackboard which provides users with additional features that intensify synchronous communication in small or large groups small groups small or large group.
  2. It allows instructors to create a virtual classroom and online meeting spaces which enables students and professors to share their materials and communicate with each other via synchronous audio, video, and chat tools in real-time.

The main features of Blackboard web conparticipationferencing are:

  • Computer-based (VOIP) audio conferencing
  • An online meeting place called Live Webinar where students can see, listen and interact with their instructors and peers in real-time
  • Record and archive session for later pgrouplayback
  • Shared desktop applications
  • In-conference chat
  • Conduct web tours.

Importance of project build

  • Using Blackboard collaborate web conferencing, faculty can deliver live classes with high-quality audio, video, public/private chat, shared whiteboard, files, PowerPoints, and many more.
  • The amalgamation of web-conferencing and eLearning will empower FSC to eliminate its geographical barriers by certain factors: expanding geographical reach to increase enrolment, extending limits of a physical classroom, providing guest lecturers and remote experts, and providing access for all, regardless of location.

  • It enables students to use synchronous technology without any limits- across the institution, throughout a country, or the entire earth- and build learning communities to smallparticipationthe mobile the mobile and enhance innovation.
  • It also helps today’s students (digital natives) to learn quia quickly through a technical learning system.
  • It eliminates the need of traveling to school and expensive teleconferencing, as it is an interaction of both traditional classroom sessions and traditional online courses.

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  • Out of three software pricing models (Subscription, Perpetual License, Commercial open source), Subscription/Software-As-A-Service would be relevant for Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Software is accessed over the internet in this SaaS model.
  • Vendor charges recurring fees for the service provided. This fee is either per user basis or subscription basis.
  • Recurring-Cost also includes software maintenance fee

One-time cost

Cost of customization

Cost of adding specific feature requirements. Examples are User interface changes, forms to collect additional data, configurable dashboards, data elements required for tracking, etc.

Estimates are:

  • Minimal customization – integrate with 1-2 systems: $2 ,500
  • Standard customization – integrate with 3-5 systems: $10,000
  • Fully customized system – integrate with more than 5 systems: $25,000

Cost of data-migration

This cost depends on how much data get migrated, data complexion, and the current software.

Estimates are:

  • 1,000 records: $500
  • 10,000 records: $2,500
  • 100,000 records: $10,000
  • 1,000,000+ records: $25,000

Cost of training

It involves group training, end-user training, department training, video/self-training, and training the trainer.

Estimates are:

  • 1-2 Training Sessions: $500
  • 3-4 Training Sessions: $1,500
  • 5-7 Training Sessions: $2,500
  • 8-10 Training Sessions: $5,000


The major drawback of using Blackboard web conferencing is its compatibility with the system. It needs newer machines and high internet speed to get better quality as it works in real-time. Below is the chart with which it’s incompatible:


  • There could always be the risk of ‘confidentiality of data as it uses an online messaging system.
  • This whole investment will be worthless if the number of enrollments in online classes drops.
  • If the enrollment in online classes increases beyond the limit, the campus might have to invest more in internet speed to meet the traffic.
  • If this project gets delayed, students and faculty will end up old Blackboard for one more semester.

Financial impact

– After conducting a cost-benefit analysis (refer to cost-benefit analysis of preliminary investigation report), Farmingdale state college will have a return of investment (ROI) of 16%. Every year there will be an additional cost of about $18,000 for the web-conferencing tool and its maintenance of the mobile version. However, it will benefit FSC by gaining on average 6 to 7 students each year. This means the addition of at least $30,000 to FSC each year. Remember, the tuition considered here is in-state tuition. The tuition is almost double for out-of-state and international students for the same service provided which leads to more financial profit. Additionally, gaining a reputation will increase more enrollments and thereby more profits.

Competitive advantage

  • The main competitive advantage is the less increase in enrollment because now every kind of student- especially those working full time and those who are shy to come to college due to age – will get to gain qualitative knowledge most conveniently.
  • It also boosts the graduation rate as compared to other institutions because students now have less risk of falling back, due to unclear information, in their assignments, quiz, or exams.
  • It will raise the institution’s overall rank, thereby raising its reputation in the nation and worldwide.

Preliminary investigation report

Project Name: Blending of Web-Conference in Farmingdale State College’s Blackboard

Project Team Members: Purvil Patel, Oluwatoyin lkuomenisan

Problem statement

  • Farmingdale state college offers a variety of online courses using an asynchronous tool which gives students the convenience of taking courses the courses,  anywhere and anytime as long as they have the right tools.
  • However, the major disadvantage of asynchronous online courses is the lack of face-to-face communication and engagement between students and professors, which is important for some courses as a part of learning.
  • Professors are sometimes not clear, concise, and, accurate about assignments, tests, and other course-related things. Hence, students fall behind in their schedule because of their queries being solved late by professors, due to tolerated topolde lack of communication and interaction.
  • Also, students feel unmotivated and isolated working on their own with little contact with the teacher and other students.

Project scope and constraints

  • The main purpose of this project is to provide better communication between instructor-student and student-student for making eLearning efficient.
  • It should provide top-rated top-rated web, video, audio, chat, and file-sharing services.
  • The end-Blackboard product must contain all the contents from with  Blackboard.
  • It should have to be compatible with different web browsers.
  • The project should be completed in a semester, without having any issues twithinswithinwithin within and currently gently related coursesavvy’s savvy savvyrrentlyrently working Blackboard version.

Fact-finding and situation analysis

The information required for this report can be gathered through surveys given by the IT staff to the current full-time students and the professor at Farmingdale State College. These surveys could be sent and gathered after 3 weeks from when it was sent out. Since the information is gathered through internal sources it will come at no cost. The results of this survey will analyze the needs and the ins and outs of online courses for the institution. This will then determine if these changes are necessary and will be best for the long term long-term goals of the institution. Such questions may include but are not limited to:

  • By what means do you communicate with the professor and/or students?
  • Is the professor reasonably available?
  • How often do you communicate with the professor and/or students?
  • How do you communicate with your professor and/or students?
  • Do you reach out to the professor and/or students about grading, assignments, or other course-related course-related material?
  • How would you describe the online learning environment?
  • How much are you learning?
  • Typically, how long does it take for the professor and/or student to respond?
  • On average, how many students attend office hours every week?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of how to use Blackboarddo
  • How often do you use Blackboard?



  • The new Blackboard will be easy to use because it will also contain features from the old Blackboard. Besides, one-time training will be provided to instructors and other staff members for using the new web conferencing tool. It will be easier for students- tech-savvy- to use the end-product materials. Hence, they will not need any training; just a small start-up explanation.
  • Also, the new system will not result in any workforce reduction. Besides, new jobs will be created for maintenance engineers and technicians.


  • Though there is a little high one-time investment, this project can increase enrollments which leads to more profit for institutions. Also, there won’t be much difference between the recurring fee of a newer version of Blackboard and the fee that they are currently paying for the current version.


  • The only additional tool require is web-conferencing software which will be provided by Blackboard learn itself at a subscription fee. They cover its installation, customization, and training. However, the institution needs an engineerstechnicala expert oan to re-engineer for its maintenance. This can be acquired easily by giving opportunities graduateFarmingdale to Farmingdale’s graduates as he/can become more familiar with the system.
  • The web-conferencing tool is a cloud-based technology that maintained charges maintained charges by the vendors and charges their customers on a user-basis for their services. Hence, the institution does not have to worry about sufficient capacity because the subscription is user-basis and not limited.


  • The entire estimated content duration of installation, customization and training of the webreferencingerencing tool is about a couple of months. However, there is a high risk of the current version being affected further in the installation process. To avoid this risk, the vendors have to work during night time when they are within less traffic on Blackboard. Also, they have to avoid installing on peak days such as exams.
  • Even if the installation gets delayed, the team will make sure that it completes within the duration of the Altogethercurrent semester so that students and faculty will get the benefits of web-conference learning as soon as possible.

Cost-benefit analysis

Case for action/recommendation

Altogether, how with students attend online courses needs to be enhanced. the introduction of video conferenciconferencingusing of Blackboard web-conferencing, will intensify the learning process of students and give professors a throwaway in which the professors teach. After analyzing the cost, the long-term benefit is assured tisield a profitable return on investment and will save our institution thousands of dollars in the long run. The IT staff has the manpower, the skills, and the necessary tools to do this work, therefore the project can move forward.

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