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Scholarly Writing and Plagiarism
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Grammarly and SafeAssign are tools that are newly introduced to me. These tools have proven to be great resources to utilize as a Walden student to check my work and to ensure references citing errors. It was necessary to read Patricia O’Conner’s writing posted on the blackboard (Walden University, n.d.) three times on three different days before I could begin the assignment. After working hard to paraphrase the writing, I ended up with a summary of 498 words. I stepped…...
Blending of Web-Conference in Farmingdale State College’s Blackboard
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Project overview Our project aims at blending web-conferencing tools in the current version of Farmingdale’s Blackboard which provides users with additional features that intensify synchronous communication in small or large groups small groups small or large group. It allows instructors to create a virtual classroom and online meeting spaces which enables students and professors to share their materials and communicate with each other via synchronous audio, video, and chat tools in real-time. The main features of Blackboard web conparticipationferencing are:…...
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Research Related to Blackboard and Google Classroom
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The topic of our recommendation report is based on Blackboard and Google Classroom. We are trying to determine whether Google Classroom is better than Blackboard. We understand that there are multiple viewpoints about this topic. Furthermore, our reasoning for choosing this topic is because we have a general understanding of how Blackboard and Google Classroom work. Each offers many features, but we believe that Google Classroom would be more suitable for students and professors because of how it is designed…...
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School supplies are necessary to every individual we can use it in
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School supplies are necessary to every individual, we can use it in many angles such as writing reports, improving outputs, finishing school works and many more. Mostly students and teachers stand in need of those materials in school. Marker is very essential for any student or teacher regardless to which prohibition they belong to, it is just likely important as a pen or pencil is to any student or teacher. With regards to their functions, it is not concealed that…...
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