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Communication is an important element of business. It ensures all activities are running smoothly in an organization. This article discusses several cases of unethical practices of information in the business world. A study has confirmed that most business people always mishandle information. For example, they withhold information from parties like the government, clients or agencies. It also expounds on business people being ethical. This is mainly to the employer and the rest of the management.

Since they should be exemplary to the rest of the employees, they need to be ethical (Ross et al, 2003).

Summary of main points

Fraud cases

The article has discussed three examples of fraudulence in the corporate world. One of the greatest is from Adelphia Company. Its founder and his two sons were arrested because of looting the company. The company is at the verge of being bankrupt because of mismanagement of funds. They used company funds for personal use.

Former Tyco International Ltd CEO is responsible for misappropriation of funds. He is likely to have bought an apartment using Company funds. A Wall ST. employee is in custody because she used information to benefit herself in insider trading. She was a trust so it was illegal for her to go against her obligation (Ross et al, 2003).

Ethics in employers

Employees are very concerned about their employer’s ethical practices. This is because they understand that it will have an effect on them. A study shows that less than half of employees consider their employers ethical.

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What is even worse is that very few employees report about unethical practices. They believe that those cases will be dealt with complete justice. This suggests that only a few people believe in the judicial system Employees fear that when they report unethical practices, they will face negative consequences. For example, the management will get back at them. They could lose their jobs for invalid reasons. Another common way is frustrating employees until they resign. They also feel the organization will not take any major actions (Ross et al, 2003).

Business ethics

This is a structure of how people should behave in the corporate world. These policies are fair to everyone and they assist in eliminating exploitation and other malpractices. Different managers have suggested other versions of defining business ethics. Some of them are controversial so a standard definition was given. Ethics is good at enhancing discipline and coexistence. Business ethics also consider the outside business environment like the society. Businesses engage in corporate social responsibility because it is part of business ethics (Ross et al, 2003).


I agree with the information in this article. There are endless cases of unethical practices in business. Some stakeholders take wrong advantage of information engage in illegal practices. I witnessed some bank employees attempting fraud. Since they had enough information on how to make debit cards, they wanted to use them on money dispensers. They targeted accounts with huge deposits and got details on how to debit them. Fortunately, they were not successful and they were sued for that. This article will help readers to learn the importance of communication ethics and practice it.


In general, the memo emphasizes the importance of practicing communication ethics in business. Many people do not understand the need for it. Employers should ensure that ethics are part of company’s policy and they should ensure they are followed. They should be exemplary for others to follow. All managers should understand the definition of business ethics because it will help in enforcing it.


Ross, R.A, Mark, M., Cohen, L.P., Markon, J. et al (2003) Communication Ethics Management Communication: A Case Analysis Approach. 2nd edition. New Jersey: Pearson education, Prentice hall.

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