Procrastination Leads to Dereliction

The title is not as bad as it seems but it does apply to the one time procrastination cost me greatly. I learned that when Mrs. Risner tells you to do something It gets done, If you don’t…then well you’ll be just like me, and trust me that is not a good thing. I had walked into Adv. Biology that day l was wondered. “What does Mrs. Risner have in store for us todayfl” I knew I should have never thought that because she began to talk about our new srx weeks project.

She told us about how we had to collect either flowers, insects. or leaves With its genus, species, family, or order, etc. She completed her lecture we had 15 minutes left of class, I began to try and manage a schedule I could collect the correct amount of leaves. so I could have time to do the rest. When the weekend rolled around I decided to go to the local park to collect some leaves, it soon started to rain and I had to put my project on hold.

Soon when it stopped raining my collecting was continued. I had collected about 10 leaves by the following Wednesday and felt pretty proud of myself. Over the course of the next few weeks I had collected approximately 25 leaves, soon I would have had enough to complete my collection.

During class one day Mrs. Risner stood up in front of the class and made a quick “Oh I forgot to tell you this” speech.

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and told us that all of our leaves had to be native to Texas and had to have a picture of the tree it came from. Most of us were pretty much almost finished with everything. Hearing that we had to almost start over. was like a being ran over by a train with your bones already broken. Me being the little cocky nerd I am decided ihat I would pui it off until last minute. The only thing wrong with this was that I didn‘t see just how wrong I was until it was too late. The week of turning in the project was probably the most stressful one I’ve ever had in my life. I was in so much of a rush to get my project finished that l was falling behind on other work. I was miserable. I even stayed up one night crying my heart out because I had taken my perspicaciousness for granted and wanted more than anything to quit. Through all that crying I still did not touch the project.

The next day when I walked into her class I was shaken with fear as I knew she would be really disappointed in me because I didn’t try hard enough. When I watched as my other classmates took their projects to the back of the room I began to feel left out and lazy. All these other students took their time to get it done, and all I did was keep saying. “Oh yeah. I’ll get around to it.”At the end of class MrsRisner walked up to me and asked where my project was. I answered simply with a little white lie stating my project was at home. thatl had forgotten it. She simply shook her head. That night when I had gotten home I began to work furiously on my project I did not include the new critena she added to her project because I believed that It wasn’t worth it. I walked Into class with it the next day. she looked it over. then looked back at me. l was a little nervous about what she would say about it but me being a butthead. didn’t actually care, In the end. when we all received our rubric grade sheets for the project. I wasn’t surprised to see that I had obtained an extremely low score. My procrastination led to my dereliction I will never again out off my work until the last minute. It cost me an entire grade letter. and I will never forget it. In the future though. I will remember that if Risner wants ll done it gets done.

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