Procrastination and the Changing of My Perspective in Life

Aclock reads half past eleven, a student sits tirelessly at his keyboard scrabbling together nonsense. Thoughts of regret enter his mind, the weight of procrastination creeps up behind his acing shoulders His fingers tremble, his eyes twitch, and his mind withers to a staggering haltr Time seems to be slipping away as the ever-nearing deadline approaches, With eyes fuller than the moon he completes the assignment, but with a price. Like an owl in the moonlight glow he looses sleep over an ordeal that could have caught himself Z‘s, if completed in a timely manner, But instead I walk like a zombie up daisy hill, my professor‘s act as the undead slayers on this day of apocalypse.

Hopefully it is safe to say that most if not all students are procrastinators. I had serious problems concerning procrastination going into this semester.

It seemed as though my will to postpone had evolved into something monstrous out of my dreams So that‘s where I stayed, in my dreams, sound asleep as my peers gathered for class, Though through failure came inspiration, I overcame this problem when it developed all most to far.

I learned that through procrastination I could achieve a life full of dysfunction and incompletion. Over the course of a couple of weeks I developed a new paradigm in my mind. I made it a habit to complete assignments early, or at least not the night before they were due. This allowed me to compose a draft and revise, so that I could turn in a beautifully polished paper.

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My advice is just that, stick to your roots and don’t drift off into something you would regret. Don’t procrastinate, just complete your assignment in a timely manner, and your worries will fly out the window, or whatever metaphor you choose to manifest.

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