A Discussion on Procrastination

I’ve been silent long enough, the time for action is now. You people, my peers really need to get your lives together. The amount of procrastination is disgraceful. You can’t do anything Sunday night because you don’t have your homework done? You’re tired because you stayed up until three in the morning working on that science paper? You complain about not having enough time for a paper that‘s due in 2 months? Sheesh. Quit procrastinating. As Ben Franklin himself said, “Have something to do tomorrow? Do it today.

” It’s better to finish your work the day that its assigned. It has worked years for me, and I maintain a GPA on 3.8. It’s easy to study in your free time and complete your homework when you have time. How many times are you going to waste the time given to you in class?

If you have time to work on your homework in class, don’t just talk and socialize during that time.

You’ve got time to burn, use it! If you don’t choose to use it, then at least don’t complain about not having your homework done. That paper that’s due. the one that’s due next week on thursday? Don’t put it off until lab on Wednesday. as you have millions of times before. You procrastinate, you put off, you say “I’ll do it later”. It‘s all Just unacceptable. Just wasting everyone’s time, including your teacher’s, your own, and your classmates time as you disrupt them.

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The selfishness of your actions is almost unreal. I’ve shared my beliefs, and I’m pretty sure that they’ll help you out in the long run. Procrastination only leads to rushed work with shoddy workmanship. If you would just do your work on time, you wouldn’t have to be stressed out and complaining about something that shouldn’t even bother you.

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