The Issue of Procrastination in Students

The professor often assigns students an important paper that is due the following week. Some students usually get it finished a couple of days before the paper is due, but most of the time, the students wait until the day before to get it finished, This phenomenon is called procrastination, and it refers to the act of leaving a task behind to do other things that, in most cases, are of very little importance. I wanted to find out why people procrastinate, so I walked around school and asked a couple of students.

While most of the students I talked to gave me different reasons, one student in particular told me that he procrastinates because he is too lazy to do a task he was assigned the same day. He would much prefer to hang out with his friends and forget about it. Another student told me that he doesn‘t procrastinate because he likes to do his work first to get it out of the way.

A lot of college students deal with procrastination, and it can become their worst enemy if they don’t overcome it. Therefore, procrastination can be a huge problem when doing homework, paying bills, and even preparing for an important exam.

Many people at school or work tend to struggle when trying to start their homework or paper work ahead of time. Starting an assignment right away that is due in a week is the hardest thing someone can do. For the most part, one of the main reasons that lead to procrastination would be from overwhelmed and stressed from having too much work to do.

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The article states that “Options for reducing schedule overwhelm include elimination, delegation, and negotiation” (Paviina). For example, we tend to negotiate a different day to start the assignments that are due in a week, so we can start on other assignments that are due the next morning. Sometimes, I don’t even have enough time to start on my homework that is due in a week because of the large amounts of homework I still have from last week. This usually happens to people who wait until the last minute to get their homework done, The homework accumulates, and it has to be done before starting the other homework. We also tend to procrastinate the most when we need to pay our monthly bills. An example would be my parents, who instead of paying the bills a couple of days before the due date, they always wait until the last minute to make a payment.

Procrastination becomes a problem when paying our bills because we either are too lazy to make a call, or go pay for them in person because “when you feel lazy, even simple tasks seem like too much work because your energy is too low compared to the energy required by the task” (Pavlina) For example, when you come back from work at 4:30 PM from working overtime, your energy level is so low that even finding the key to unlock the door was a problem Then, to make it worse, you finally realize that your cable bill has to be paid by 5:00 RM, or else it will be disconnected, Since you don’t want to miss the final episode of The Office, you carelessly pick up the phone and call the cable company to make said payment, This is why procrastination can be a problem when paying the bills At some point during our college careers, we have dealt with procrastination when it comes to studying for an exam, According to Pavulina, procrastination literally becomes a “major problem in your career)” because when we study at the last minute, we don’t usually remember what we studied on the day of the exam

That will lead to a very bad grade on the exam, and perhaps an overall low grade on the class, if procrastination still proceeds. Studying would have to start a couple of days before the exam, but procrastination occurs so frequently that we usually study the day before, When I was in high school, I used to procrastinate a lot when it came to studying, I usually never studied because I felt that I was going to get a good grade in the test regardless. Any studying that I did was always last minute; I never studied a week or two before the test. As college students, we have procrastinated at some point of our lives, whether we deny it or not We are not perfect and there may be a lot of situations which may cause a student to procrastinate, although most of the time it‘s a choice, and not an action that we choose to do. Even though we deal with procrastination almost every day, we put our act together and try our best to complete the assignments and tasks on time. Therefore, procrastination can be a huge problem when getting things done last minute, but also something that we can all learn from and overcome it over time.

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