Primal Myths and Myths

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Barbara C. Sproul’s book Primal Myths, she describes that myths “…organize the way we perceive facts and understand ourselves and the world. Whether we adhere to them consciously or not, they remain pervasively influential”. Since Sproul uses an example from Genesis to give us a better understanding that humans brought into this earth can be a spinning image of God, one is able to see that she uses human beings as a replica of God. She writes that For example, the facts and understandings of the world and ourselves that is presented in our lives can be placed into our day-to-day lives.

Ways that people can construct their week into seven days. Constructing an idea through our day-to-day lives; working six days and have one day to rest.

This can produce the audience to have an experience through our own body and have our own identity that can give the simpler meaning of life. Another interesting concept of Sproul’s statement is that all individuals in society should live by their own truth.

Sproul states “we perceive facts and understand ourselves and the world…” Since that hope is able to allow us to show affection and understanding that the world is our reality. All these experiences along with understanding the facts about ourselves and the world is brought out to be true reality and the myths that are told. Both aspects state that the paths of human development was an indication of what we are truly capable of as individuals.

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Myths are very prevalent in society, as they can be incorporated in simple traditional stories, individual beliefs, and day-to-day interactions. Myths come from stories passed down from generations that shape how individuals converse and view entertainment. Personally, myths are a story of what one’s life means and they show that humans cannot survive without an understanding. The facts that are presented are stronger than any myth presented. As the imagination cannot control what we think, the decisions we make force us to have new challenges that shape the way we life.

In Sproul’s reading, she states that there is an “…unbreakable unity…,” which means that there is a certain point in time where you stop asking all of the questions in life and you see that they are always together. Anything you do in life, you are constantly asking yourself and with this “unbreakable unity,” you are able to see that the two opposite things in the world need to rely on each other. In the late 1990s, a conflict arose on the battlefield of Yugoslavia for a century. Women and children were lied to and killed every day for years. The world changed. The myth of Bosnia and Herzegovina has internal influences because of its history that has shaped the Bosnian spirit and imagination within me.

Myths shape the way he or she can see the world and that’s so important because they reveal how a person operates in his future and how he or she may see the future. Also, it reveals who a person once lived their life. Sproul states “Myths proclaim attitudes towards reality” , which shows that events are constantly taking place and changing the way we see the world. Being told as a young child, the myth that I was taught was not all people have the same equality of truth. To me, this meant a lot but hurt me in different ways. Unfortunately, I was taught not to trust anyone that comes in contact with me. Not having trust in school teachers, bus drivers or simply anyone besides my family made me scared of the world. Sproul says that “in creation myths, the ground of being is not only physical but also metaphysical.

The ground they speak of is the source of mind as well as of matter.” (Sproul, 4) However, this “ground of being” surrounded me. The “ground of being” was something that was always there to support me. This is the only thing that I saw throughout my life. My day-to-day life seeking approval from my parents of who I can trust and thinking that is the way to life my life. Being told that the truth in anyone is false and never to trust a human being, especially men shaped the way I looked at the world. I began to question myself and wonder is this really all to life? I took a step back and look where it has gotten me.

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