Impulsive Actions in Midas and Hercules Myths

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The life of many individuals is based on reacting without thinking of the consequences. Acting on Impulse can be destructive and can lead to the downfall of many. The myths of Midas and Hercules express the human flaw of acting based on impulse. The myths of Midas and Hercules both expresses emotion taking over the main characters sense of thought.

Midas was overjoyed when he realized everything he touched turned to gold until “Midas found that when he touched his daughter, she turned to gold as well.

” Midas’ reacts on his impulse of wanting more wealth but doesn’t realize the serious consequences that come with such an extraordinary power. His sense becomes clouded by his dire want for more wealth. The myth of Hercules displays Hercules’ inability to use common sense and hold back his Impulse.

As Hercules was receiving music lessons his teacher got on his nerves and “out of the impulse of of the moment without thinking, hardly aware of his strength”(pg 229) and killed him.

Hercules’ outburst displayed his battle with thinking before doing. While Hercules does have power over everything else , his lack of restraint displays Hercules lack of power over himself.

Hercules “had sudden outburst of anger which were always fatal to often innocent objects”(pg 227). Hercules’ inability to control himself often left others dead or in a critical condition. Hercules has no control over his actions. The lack of thinking before doing leads to the downfall of both Midas and Hercules. Both the myths of Hercules and Midas examine the human inability to act without thinking.

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While Hercules and Midas both exhibit different types of impulsiveness they are still do not have the restraint to think about the consequences of their actions. The human condition of impulse will continue to play a steady role in humanity for it is inside everyone.

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