Friendship in Selfish Giant, Hercules & Hydra

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Friendship is a term which defines the affection between two or more people. It usually rises from mutual interests and common aims. These pursuits are strengthened by the benevolent interests that sooner or later grow. The choice of friend can be important since it shows parents ways their children are trending. The trend can be important since it shows that good friends bring you up and bad friends bring you down. There are two stories about friendship which include The Selfish Giant and Hercules Kills the Hydra.

The story about the selfish giant is important since it shows how friendship happens. It shows how the children used to go play at the Giant’s garden. It was an excellent place for them to play at since it was a large garden with soft green grass. The Giant returned to the garden causing the children to run away. The Giant had stayed with his friend who was the Cornish ogre for 7 years.

The children had no place to play at since the Giant was very selfish. They tried to play on the road but it wasn’t fun at all.

Once spring came, the Giant realized that it was still winter in the garden area. He helped the young child by setting him on top of the tree and decided to knock the wall down. The other children decided that the Giant was not evil so they returned to his garden and started to play there. Even though the Giant had a good time with the children, he had been longing for someone.

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He had always wanted to see his first friend who was the boy who he put on the tree. The children said that they did not know where he was causing the giant to feel very sad. Then one day, the Giant was lying awake when he heard some good music. It was actually a bird singing but it has been a long time that the Giant had listened to the bird for a long time. He had realized that spring came at last. The children came to play at the Giant’s garden every day after school. The Giant was very kind to all of the children but he has been longing for the child.

As he grew older, he could not play anymore so he sat on a rocking chair. Then one day, he saw the child across the grass and ran with joy. The friendship between the Giant and boy shows how strong relations are. Another important story on how friendship is important is when Hercules killed the Hydra. The killing of the Hydra was the second of the famous twelve labors he had performed for his cousin Eurystheus who was the king of Mycenae. The Hydra was a beast who had nine heads on nine long necks and the middle head was immortal. Hercules devised a way to lure the Hydra out of its hiding place but had a hard time fighting it. When he struck a head, two more form from its severed neck. The worst part was when a gigantic crab was sent to aid the Hydra.

Hercules had no choice but to call his friend lolaus to aid him. Hercules struck the head of the Hydra while lolaus torched a limb of a tree and sealed the wound preventing more heads from popping out. The Hydra lay dead and Hercules buried it with a huge rock so that it won’t free itself. After the fall of the Hydra, both Hercules and lolaus announced their victory. It shows that a friend can be needed when fighting a tough battle. Friendship can be important whether it is the interaction between one or more people, or when others are helpful. Two main characters such as the giant and Hercules had learned what it is like to have a friend. It also shows how friends are important in order to make the main characters more successful.

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