Mission Hydra by Jeremy Robinson Review

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In the desert of Peru is the archaeologist George Pierce an artifact of the head of the mystical Hydra and digs it out.

Richard Ridley, a billionaire, has put his money in his company Manifold, the world leader in is the field of genetics. The best brains in the industry in high-tech research laboratories that are developed as a high-security areas. Her research ranks – first in animals and later on humans – to enable the growth of limbs and organs. But Ridley’s visions pass: eternal life.

He must have the artifact and leaves to Pierce, including Hydra kidnap.

The DNA of prehistoric creature is the key to mankind’s dream. The research attempts thus are equally horrible as their results. First, there are animals that eat each other, are in a bloodthirsty frenzy monsters. Later human guinea pigs (if the metaphor is not too much besides …). As a self-regenerating beings grow them to the previously aware of severed body parts. The undesirable side effect that these insane formations eat all living things can end the researchers only by decapitation.

Ridley blurred with his company Manifold all his tracks changes its locations and leaves behind scorched earth. But the US Delta team depends closely on its heels. As long as Ridley’s best kept secret is a danger to humanity, they want to destroy Manifold.

The idea of ​​this novel has enough exciting material for a thriller. Unfortunately, the implementation can only find repugnant and disgusting. I’ve never read a book of this kind.

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Shooting, Killing without end – for ultra realism missing is blood that drips as a true liquid from the book … A few details from the endless successive massacres in detail described: body with missing limbs, often without heads, heads without bodies, hanging out intestines, scraps of organs that lie on branches, to a pulp crushed torso, bite wounds that tear a part of the chest … do you use such literary stylistic device to produce a thriller? You have to read something like that, to beat the everyday life?

Unfortunately, I do not know myself with arms. J. Robinson presents an arsenal. They know, for example, a Gatling gun-cannon, a claymore or SOPMODM 4 with 40mm grenade launcher? The problem is that the author thinks it is enough already, he impressed his readers with such great fantasy name, and spared any further description trouble. I find such practices, however hollow and superficial, and I’m not impressed.

The showdown leaves the Hydra come to life. It turns out, of course, as a killing machine and exceeds anything previously been described. Is only a head separated, two grow back, just as given in Greek mythology. So they finally bites with all their heads around. After rocket fire could not restrict the activity of the beast, the brave Delta boys are ready for close combat with machetes (of all! That can not be so well …). But calm yourself reading this whole Blutmorast, this Hellball, as a reward us created the author according to all this pain a happy ending. Per aspera ad astra.

The author considers the Greek mythology that’s quite not for the fainthearted, but full of abysses and brutality as a quarry from which he picks out the snacks, which are to exaggerate the sensational , Sense, logic, magic will be lost. The book is reminiscent of an action movie full of absolutely perfect designed tricks – only: a statement that any which insights into the nature of man or something does not come I am the book much too flat.

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Mission Hydra by Jeremy Robinson Review
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