How Is Juliet Impulsive

A simple defect can be more fatal than decease itself. In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. this becomes evident to the reader in many instances. Romeo is a really blemished character whose unprompted behaviour led to the decease of non merely himself but besides his darling Juliet. Romeo rapidly altering his deathless love he felt with Rosaline to Juliet without any compunction. subsequently when he kills Tybalt without thought of the effects. and once more when he learns of Juliet’s decease.

Romeo’s headlong attitude plays a immense function in his life.

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and this shows merely before Romeo is about to come in the Capulet uninvited without believing much about it.

Quotes About Romeo Being Impulsive

At first. Romeo goes to the party to see his thought-to-be love Rosaline. but than rapidly changes his love from Rosaline to Juliet at his first sight of the beautiful Capulet. “Is she a Capulet? / O beloved history! My life is my foe’s debt” ( I.

iv. 118- 119 ) . Romeo cognizing that Juliet is a Capulet. cognizing his life is in the custodies of his enemy. decides to set this aside because his love is excessively strong for her. This is a great illustration of Romeo’s impulsiveness. If Romeo was non speedy to take these actions. Romeo and Juliet would hold ne’er met. This would do both of their lives a batch easier.

This is non the lone clip Romeo’s impulsiveness takes a large impact in his life. Later. Mercutio. Romeo’s friend and Tybalt. Juliet’s cousin have an statement and get down to contend one another. One thing leads to another and Tybalt ends up by chance knifing Mercutio with his blade. Romeo thinks this is his mistake seeing that he was seeking to keep Mercutio back at the clip. When Mercutio is stabbed by Tybalt he acts like he isn’t injury. that it is merely a little abrasion. while the truth is so he is greatly injured.

Mercutio dies in forepart of Romeo and Romeo’s impulsiveness boots in instantly. Alive in triumph-and Mercutio slain! / Away to heaven. several lenience. / and fired-eyed rage be my behavior now. / Now. Tybalt. take the “villain” back once more / that late 1000 gravest me. for Mercutio’s psyche / is but a small manner above our caputs. / Staying for thrine to maintain him company. / Either 1000 or I. or both. must travel with him. ” ( III. I. 84-92 ) Romeo stating this is a great illustration of his fatal defect. Alternatively of believing through what he wants to make about Tybalt killing Mercutio. he rapidly jumps to his battle and has a battle with Tybalt. Romeo ends up killing Tybalt. doing every affair worse.

Romeo was really huffy that Tybalt killed his friend Mercutio. but if he took a minute to believe of his actions before making it he would hold been better off. Romeo’s impulsiveness does non merely do the love to Juliet. or the violent death of Tybalt. but Romeos impulsive character causes possible the biggest error of his life. After killing Tybalt. Romeo is banished from Verona. He is told that he is lucky non to be killed for his actions. Romeo does non believe that manner at all. as Romeo stats he would instead be dead than have to populate without his Sweet Juliet.

Friar Lawrence and Juliet think of a program to acquire Romeo and Juliet back together. The dark before Juliet’s weeding to Paris. she must imbibe a potion that will do her appear dead. After she is laid to rest to rest in the family’s crypt. Romeo will come and salvage her so they can populate free together. The weeding unexpectedly gets moved a twenty-four hours earlier. Juliet drinks her potion the twenty-four hours before the weeding and goes on with the program. The job is Romeo hears merely of Juliet’s decease. the message of Juliet feigning to be dead did non acquire to him in clip.

Romeo rapidly goes to Juliet’s grave to see her. but he finds Paris at that place every bit good. Romeo and Paris battle and Romeo kills him out of fury. “Wilt 1000 provoke me? Then have at thee. male child! ” ( V. three. 78 ) Romeo so takes a expression at Juliet’s organic structure for the really last clip. Romeo drinks the potion to kill himself. but non before he kisses Juliet one last clip. Soon after. Juliet wakes up but merely to see Romeo’s dead organic structure lying following to her. She. like Romeo can non populate without him and knife herself with Romeo’s sticker. Romeo’s unprompted behaviour non merely took his life. but besides his true love Juliet.

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