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Primal Fear Analysis Paper

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Paper type: Analysis , Subject: Fear

Primal Fear is a movie filled with the suspense and drama that take place in and behind the scenes of the courthouse. This one in particular features a defense lawyer by the name of Martin Veil. Veil is as vain and conceited as it gets. His main goals in life are fame, money, and feeling in power. However, despite his greed for wealth, he takes on a case at no charge for the defendant, “Aaron Stampler” who is later diagnosed with multiple identity disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder. This case is the homicide of the well-respected Archbishop living in Chicago. As the case unfolds, the character of Roy is introduced. Roy is the murderer of the archbishop and would be considered a sociopath.

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Aaron is able to put himself at the scene of the murder when it had occurred. But by his recollection, it was another man who had killed the archbishop. As soon as this man began to charge at Aaron, he claims that as he began to run away, he had “lost time.” Losing time, in Aaron’s terms, was a way for him to describe blacking out. When this occurs, he is unable to remember what had happened prior to and obviously during the blacking out. Those suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder often experience these blackouts because they live with more than one persona. Each persona is disconnected from each other. Each life, although lead by the same physical body, is lead in a completely separate mindset. How this applies to Aaron is that he “suffers” from this disorder. Although, viewers will later know that Roy, the twisted, alpha character, had made up Aaron, to present himself as a sweet boy, gaining the trust and help of Martin Veil. So, all in all, Aaron did not exist and was intentionally made up.

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A key aspect to remember when facing the facts parallel to this movie is that the victims of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) do not choose to live this life. They are forced into different realms within their minds, living s…

Primal Fear Analysis

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