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Having an extravagant swimming pool in your garden is what people often fancy. But at perhaps you restrain yourself from living that luxury and experiencing a spectacular lifestyle! Quite often swimming pool myths deter pool owners when they consider creating a swimming pool on their estate. While some of them might be true, but many aren’t. This article debunks a few of those fictitious myths to aid prospective swimming pool owners in living their ultimate dream and enjoying the backyard oasis to the fullest.

Waiting for an hour after you have food to swim or you may get cramps.

The factual truth is once you have eaten, your stomach at least takes 6-8 hours to digest the food. During the process of digestion, more amount of blood goes into your stomach which leaves only a little volume for your other muscles. So when you exert extra work on those muscles while swimming, cramps are plausibly to happen. To stay safe from such swimming pool myths make sure that you have a much lighter meal and then ease back into swimming.

There’s too much chlorine in the pool because you can smell it!

In reality, the chlorine has now evaporated into the air and you need to in fact add more amount in the water for it to work. When you add chlorine in the pool, it attaches to the bacteria and chloramines are formed. When given the shock treatment to the pool, these chloramines turns into oxygen and evaporates in thin air, which is the reason you can smell it so strongly.

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Chlorine will turn blonde hair into green!

The truth is, it’s actually the copper that is guilty in turning your hair into green while chlorine generally affects the appearance of your hair by making it dry and rough. Some of the algaecides are in fact copper based and the oxidized metal present in the water can stick to the protein in the hair shaft. For that reason, one must make sure to condition their hair properly before they dive into a pool to avoid the hair damage.

If you pee in the pool, it will turn blue!

Now this one is something we have all heard of by our parents in our childhood, how the urine detector plays its magic by reacting and changing the color of the urine into blue. Even today there are some 52% adults who blindly believe in these myths. But the reality is it doesn’t exist.

A clear pool is clean and healthy.

One must never go on the appearance and believe a clear pool is clean and moreover healthy. It is absolutely important to test the water every week and conclude the condition of your pool through the results.

So next time make sure you don’t end up believing these swimming pool myths and rather consult with your local pool service professional or pool store. 

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