World Wide Fund for Nature (Wwf) Essay

1. 0 Introduction

This undertaking paper was assigned to our group by our darling lector of Principles of Marketing. Sir Shamsul Izwan Saharani. The subject assigned is the Selling in Not-For-Profit Organizations and the organisation that our group chose is World Wide Fund for Nature-Malaysia ( WWF-Malaysia ) . Our group had conducted a research through cyberspace and latest one-year study for information on the selling schemes used by WWF-Malaysia. Furthermore. an interview with representative from WWF-Malaysia. Mr. Brandon Liu was conducted to happen out more inside informations and information about the not-for-profit organisation and to hold more understanding about it.

The findings were used as resource to finish this undertaking paper study. The truth of information is of import to expose and explicate to the undergraduates of taking the capable Principles of Marketing on the manner of marketing for not-for-profit organisation and how they can last in the concern industry. In short. a batch of new cognition was gained from the method of selling by not-for-profit organisation.

which is different from other corporate companies including the authorities bureaus.

This study is done with the hope that the completion of this undertaking paper can benefits other undergraduates by widen their cognition. Last but non least. we would wish to thank our group members who are willing to give their full support. co-operation and committedness throughout the procedure of finishing this undertaking paper.

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Following. we would wish to widen our grasp and gratitude to our darling coach. Sir Shamsul Izwan Saharani for much of his aid and support in helping us in fixing this undertaking paper. Not to bury. Mr. Brandon Liu. the Communications Unit Manager of WWF-Malaysia for his clip and co-operation in reacting to our interview.



World Wide Fund for Nature-Malaysia ( WWF-Malaysia ) was established as a national preservation trust on 13 January 1972. Harmonizing to official web site of WWF-Malaysia. the organisation began as a low two person-organisation. However. today. WWF-Malaysia has about 180 employees working at the offices from Langkawi to Sabah. The organisation is besides known as Tabung Alam Malaysia. as they are governed by a Board of Trustees. The early work of WWF-Malaysia was focused on scientific research of wildlife and of import natural home grounds. This work subsequently expanded to the direction of protected countries.


WWF-Malaysia is a Malayan administration affiliated with WWF ( World Wide Fund for Nature ) . the international preservation administration which founded in 1961 in the little town of Morges. Switzerland. WWF is a planetary web in more than 100 states. including Malaysia ( the 17th WWF administration ) and has more than 5 million protagonists worldwide. WWF is now one of the most experient environmental administrations in the universe.

The central office of WWF-Malaysia is in Petaling Jaya. Selangor. and programme offices in Kota Kinabalu. Sabah and Kuching. Sarawak every bit good as site offices in Fraser’s Hill. Langkawi. Malacca. Jeli and Stong in Kelantan. Ma’ Daerah and Setiu in Terengganu. Today. WWF-Malaysia’s work covers the broader issues of the natural environment. integrating such facets as policy work. environmental instruction. public consciousness and runs. WWF-Malaysia presently runs more than 75 undertakings. including:

* Scientific field research
* Policy work with the authorities
* Environment instruction
* Public consciousness programme
* Working with local communities to better supports and protect the environment
* Training and back uping other preservation administrations in Malaya

Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

“For the Trustees. staff and protagonists of WWF in Malaysia and the remainder of the universe. preservation is non merely a occupation ; it is a mission to salvage the planet. ”

Mission Statement

WWF’s Mission is to halt the debasement of the planet’s natural environment and to construct a hereafter in which worlds live in harmoniousness with nature. by: conserving the world’s biological diverseness guaranting that the usage of renewable natural resources is sustainable advancing the decrease of pollution and uneconomical ingestion

Steering Principles

As portion of the WWF Network. WWF-Malaysia’s activities are guided by the undermentioned rules: be planetary. independent. multicultural and non party political usage the best available scientific information to turn to issues and critically measure all its enterprises seek duologue and avoid unneeded confrontation

construct concrete preservation solutions through a combination of field based undertakings. policy enterprises. capacity edifice and instruction work affect local communities and autochthonal peoples in the planning and executing of its field programmes. esteeming their cultural every bit good as economic demands strive to construct partnerships with other administrations. authoritiess. concern and local communities to heighten WWF’s effectiveness tally its operations in a cost effectual mode and use donors’ financess harmonizing to the highest criterions of answerability “The battles we battles are non in the trenches but at conferences. forums. on the streets and out in the field. Confronting up to bear downing elephants or digesting long journeys merely to acquire to the undertaking site are portion of the occupation. ”


4. 0 Current Selling Issue

4. 1 Merchandise

A merchandise can be defined as anything that can be offered to a market for attending. acquisition. usage. or ingestion that might fulfill a privation or necessitate. Products include more than merely touchable goods. Servicess are a signifier of merchandise that consists of activities. benefits or satisfactions offered for sale that are basically intangible and do non ensue in the ownership of anything. However. WWF-Malaysia’s merchandise is intangible goods. it is project and service that are provided to their save environmental intent. WWF-Malaysia is a national preservation trust that presently runs more than 75 undertakings covering a diverse scope of environmental protection and nature preservation work in Malaysia.

Since 1972. WWF-Malaysia has worked on of import preservation undertakings. from salvaging endangered species such as Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams and polo-necks. to protecting our upland woods. rivers and seas. WWF-Malaysia’s nature preservation attempt include The Borneo Species Programme. The Environmental Education Programme. The Kinabatangan – Corridor of Life Programme. The Peninsular Malaysia Forests Programme. The Peninsular Malaysia Seas Programme. The Policy Programme. The Global Forest and Trade Network. The Heart of Borneo Programme. Issues they work on species. woods. fresh water. Marine. environmental instruction. and policy.


Though WWF-Malaysia does non work entirely on species-focused undertakings. these do stand for a major constituent of our work. With such undertakings taking topographic point throughout Malaysia ( from the Northern woods of Peninsular Malaysia to the coastal Waterss of the South China Sea and over to the vales of Sabah ) they work towards the protection and direction of six different species ; the tiger. Borneon Pygmy elephant. Sumatran rhinoceros and orang-utan in the woods and both the hawkbill and the green polo-necks in the seas and on the beaches.

Within the WWF web. all of these species are considered to be “flagships” – that is. as embassadors for preservation in Malaysia. WWF-Malaysia works together with TRAFFIC-SEA and the Department of Wildlife and National Parks to seek and battle a secret ground forces of poachers working in Malaysia.

Conservation attempts are needed for threatened species whose endurance can non be guaranteed by conserving their home ground entirely. The preservation attempt includes The Borneo Species Programme which aims to conserve the critically endangered Sumatran rhino. the iconic orang-utan and the Bornean pigmy elephant.


Human are utilizing about 30 % more natural resources than the Earth can refill and our activities are drastically altering the planet’s clime. As a consequence the life support system is get downing to interrupt down. Millions of people are already experiencing the effects. And things will acquire much worse if we keep traveling the same manner. WWF has been involved in preservation of woods since its launch 50 old ages ago. Today work is focused on continuing staying woods and working in partnership to advance sustainable forestry. WWF-Malaysia’s Forest for Life Programme aims to increase the coverage of wood protected countries. better the direction of production woods for the supply of sustainable lumber. and reconstruct debauched countries particularly where there is need to keep critical wood linkages.

There are several preservation attempts include The Peninsular Malaysia Forests Programme. The Kinabatangan – Corridor of Life Programme. The Global Forest and Trade Network and The Heart of Borneo Programme. The Kinabatangan – Corridor of Life Programme aims to set up a forest corridor along both sides of the Kinabatangan River that connects stray wood militias. enabling wildlife. local communities and economic development to boom and back up each other at that place. Whereas. The Peninsular Malaysia Forests Programme aims to protect the natural resources within a immediate forested country to supply environmental. societal and economic benefits to the state.

This encompasses sustainable forestry. protected country direction and tiger preservation attempts. WWF-Malaysia besides participates in the undermentioned international preservation programmes.

The Global Forest and Trade Network is a world-wide partnership between wood and trade companies committed to extinguish illegal logging every bit good as better the direction of threatened and valuable woods. The Heart of Borneo Programme is a preservation enterprise affecting Brunei. Indonesia and Malaysia that encompasses 31 % or 240. 000 square kilometers of land in the Centre of the island. making an chance to conserve pristine tropical rain forests on a big graduated table.

Fresh water

Recognizing this. WWF-Malaysia promotes the preservation. incorporate direction and sustainable usage of fresh water ecosystems. To accomplish this. WWF-Malaysia advocators for incorporate policies and attacks. field undertakings. bettering information database. and information airing to increase consciousness. These are encapsulated within WWF- Malaysia’s Freshwater Programme consisting the undermentioned three countries:

1. Conserving river basins
2. Sustainable H2O usage
3. Conserving fresh water home grounds


WWF-Malaysia creates a plan to advance the preservation ; the plan is The Policy Programme. The Policy Programme WWF-Malaysia advocators for effectual environmental policy in the countries of land usage. environmental statute law. sustainable preservation funding. institutional models and environmental administration.

Devil dog

These warm tropical Waterss are besides place to one of the world’s largest populations of endangered green sea polo-necks and other endangered marine species such as hawkbill polo-necks. Dugong dugons. whale sharks. and humphead wrasse. The conflicts they fight are non in the trenches but at conferences. forums. on the streets and out in the field. Confronting up to bear downing elephants or digesting long journeys merely to acquire to the undertaking site are portion of the occupation.

WWF-Malaysia is working hard to assist protect the country’s natural environment through several preservation programmes such as the Peninsular Malaysia Seas Programme. The Peninsular Malaysia Seas Programme purposes to hold. by the twelvemonth 2020. sustainable piscaries every bit good as a healthy Marine and coastal environment that supports local communities. This includes turtle preservation work in Melaka and Terengganu.

Environmental instruction

To protecting our upland woods. rivers and seas. WWF-Malaysia presently runs more than 75 undertakings including Environmental instruction. WWF-Malaysia utilizations Community instruction and consciousness attacks in transporting out preservation attempts such as the environmental instruction programme that encourages society to take part in environmental preservation and encompasses WWF-Malaysia’s work towards developing an Environmental Education policy within the National Curriculum.

4. 2 Monetary value

Marketing mix consists of monetary value. merchandise. topographic point and publicity. WWF-Malaysia is a non-profit organisation. their chief activity aren’t selling merchandises or services. They are differing from the other net income based organisations which are utilizing the selling mix schemes to maximise their net income and client equity by presenting high client value and satisfaction. Conversely. WWF-Malaysia obtain fund from public to run their undertakings and activities towards environmental preservation. They have a batch of schemes and attempts to acquire and pull off the fund. The selling section are told about the undertakings. and the section have to raise the fund to do certain the undertakings can run on clip.

When people donate their money to WWF. they can verify whether their contribution being allocated in an appropriate form sing the fiscal study. one-year reappraisal and WWF’s website to cognize how WWF allocated their contribution. The web site stated clearly that how much they needed for the different undertakings and the sum that has been collected in current period. WWF provided believable. accountable and crystalline fiscal study for the populace. The one-year reappraisal explained all the income and outgo of the twelvemonth. WWF-Malaysia gets their fund from public persons and organisations. They set up the contribution boxes at public topographic points and opened certain histories for the on-line donators.

They tell the populace about their recent undertakings through the publicities and how much they needed for the undertakings on WWF-Malaysia’s web site. For the corporation portion. WWF-Malaysia has a “corporate relation team” to run into the corporate people face-to-face to carry the corporations to donate some money to WWF-Malaysia. The corporate relation squad will direct the proposal about WWF-Malaysia annual program and undertakings to acquire the fiscal support from the organisations. Some companies donated money to WWF-Malaysia as their societal community duties.

WWF-Malaysia shows their grasp towards the givers by listed out all the donors’ name in their one-year reappraisal and newssheet and the sum donated. For corporation who donates a really immense sum. WWF-Malaysia offered them the chances to publicize their merchandises in their newssheet and one-year position.

WWF-Malaysia gets their income from contributions from corporations. contributions from Trusts & A ; Foundations. contributions / bequests from persons. government/ assistance bureaus grants. WWF web grants. sale of goods/ services / royalties. publicities & A ; events and others. Most of the web grants are contributed by WWF-Netherlands and WWF-Germany. both of these states people are richer and willing to donate. As these states don’t have much job with their biodiversity. they give the fund to other webs such as WWF-Malaysia. The illustration of royalties is recognizing cards royalties. some company want to utilize the WWF-Malaysia trade name name and print it on the salutation cards to promote higher gross revenues and gross. so WWF sells their royalties to the populace as an excess income.

Entire income: RM 30. 960. 276

WWF-Malaysia’s outgo consists of preservation outgo. cost of bring forthing financess & A ; consciousness and operating outgo. Projects outgo included the wage of full clip staff such as professional research workers ; WWF-Malaysia hired them to ease WWF-Malaysia to do better and professional preservations. Meanwhile. cost of bring forthing financess & A ; awareness are those costs that involved in runs. advertizement fees. booths in shopping promenades and colleges. Operating outgos means office outgo like electricity. leases of offices. and so on. The followers shows the per centum of different outgos in WWF-Malaysia and allotments of financess under undertakings expenditure ( until fiscal twelvemonth of 2010 ) :

WWF-Malaysia’s Outgo:
-Conservation Expenditure77. 3 %
-Cost of Generating Funds & A ; Awareness13. 8 %
-Operating Expenditure8. 9 %
Entire ExpenditureRM28. 697. 108
Entire Conservation Expenditure RM 20. 953. 321

4. 3 Topographic point

WWF-Malaysia based on scientific and economic analysis had incorporated their deep cognition of planetary and local market forces that influence and challenge wild natural universe. WWF Malaysia is transforming the common considerable forces that terrorize people and nature.

Corporations can work with WWF-Malaysia in many ways. Such as undertaking sponsorship. event sponsorship and contribution in sort. Harmonizing to 2006 study by the Nielsen Company. it shows that 88 % of Malaysians who participate in this study are agree to the importance for the corporations for being responsible to societal and environment. Besides it shows that 72 % would exchange to the merchandise that is non at the same monetary value or quality for a good cause such as WWF-Malaysia and it have been increased by 9 % comparison to the same study undertaken in 2003. In add-on. 85 % agreed to the importance of back uping the environmental protection organisations like WWF-Malaysia by corporations and it shows 7 % addition comparison to 2003 study.

Sing to above study. organisations like WWF-Malaysia public advices are so effectual to the Malaysians consumer’s shopping determinations. As the consequence. WWF-Malaysia partnership can be a great thought for corporate selling planning. By holding WWF-Malaysia as spouse corporations. they are non merely practising their duty to the nature. but besides hitting the new client demands and it means satisfaction for current clients and aiming the new clients who care about environment.

WWF-Malaysia spouses are leaders of assorted industries such as automotive. plantation. belongings developers and telecommunication. These strong partnerships are speed uping WWF-Malaysia’s undertakings to the great win. WWF-Malaysia’s work is non limited to Malaysia lodgers merely. it besides take parting in regional undertakings with the neighbour states to protect the wild nature. In other word. WWF-Malaysia is the leader of Malaysia robust green market topographic point.

WWF-Malaysia has been involved in so many undertakings since 1972 and about more than 75 helpful undertakings toward protecting environment have been done by them. They employ over hundred-registered employees all across the state. This organisation is portion of the large household of planetary WWF. one of the universe largest and most powerful international organisations around the universe. WWF has about 5 million protagonists and a planetary active in 100 states.

WWF-Malaysia work include all over Malaysia. Beside their central offices in Petaling Jaya Selangor. they besides have plan offices in Kota Kinabalu Sabah and Kuching Sarawak that is pointed to back up the Borneo undertakings. WWF-Malaysia besides has undertaking sites offices all over the state. In 2007 and
2008. WWF Malaysia has been finished few undertakings such as Peninsular Malaysia Seas Programme. The Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion Programme Apex of the Coral Triangle Kinabatangan. Corridor of Life Programme. Peninsular Malaysia Forests Programme and Environmental Education Programme.

The Peninsular Malaysia Seas Programme aims to be available by the twelvemonth 2020. which is a sustainable piscaries every bit good as a healthy Marine and coastal environment that besides supports local concerns. Turtle preservation work in Melaka and Terengganu is besides included in this undertaking. The long term win of any undertaking is based on local community engagement. In Terengganu. for the turtle consciousness there were more than 1. 200 participants attended the events organized by WWF-Malaysia.

Terengganu State Department of Fisheries and corporate patrons were a local community concern group for polo-neck protection “Persatuan Khazanah Rakyat Ma’Daerah ( MEKAR ) ” which was recognized by WWF-Malaysia. Furthermore this successful difficult work was to raise consciousness of the effect of turtle preservation. Another accomplishment is the 81 % flourishing grade rate in the Ma’Daerah hatchery over the past old ages ( hatch rate is considered successful at 70 % ) .

The Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion Programme Apex of the Coral Triangle is based in the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity. This undertaking is a multi state undertaking between Malaysia. Philippines and besides Indonesia. WWF-Malaysia works with WWF-Indonesia and WWF-Philippines at this occasion to conserve a marine ecoregion that remains a extremely fecund. globally alone Centre of biodiversity able to offer for local concern petitions.

In Kudat and Semporna. ecosystem-based disposal of coastal piscaries is being implemented. The land squads have surveyed around 100 small towns to spread out approximately into the socioeconomic profile of coastal communities. current resource usage forms. relationships that exist between resource users and resources. and their willingness to direct these marine resources. Rapid reef appraisals of over 30 reefs were performed to find baseline informations of the wellness of the reefs and point future decision-making.

All activities were aimed at maneuvering the people ( including local community members and leaders. traditional and commercial fishermen. and authorities bureaus such as Sabah Parks and Department of Fisheries Sabah ) towards collaborative direction of marine resources. This includes preparations on wildlife preservation enforcement and reef monitoring workshops to place zones such as leisure zones and no fishing zones within the planned multiple-use Tun Mustapha Park in Kudat. and a Workshop Consequential in the Formation of a Vision for Semporna.

Heart of Borneo Programme is a forest Restoration work in North Ulu Segama. Sabah within the Heart of Borneo and it boosted up when British retail merchant Marks & A ; Spencer finance the undertaking. Accumulation work at that place and decided to work with WWF-Malaysia for aid to negociate about palm oil and lumber industries to do them responsible and sustainable patterns. while guaranting that the British retailer’s ain supply ironss are sustainable.

When Adessium Foundation from Netherlands agreed the support for orang-utan preservation and besides forest rehabilitation work in the province of Sabah at east Malaysia within the bosom of Borneo for three old ages get downing in July 2008. the international graduated table and entreaty of WWF preservation work was underline in 2007. The adessium foundation is one of many household foundations across Europe that is premium foundation that has a close relationship with other environment concern organisation such as WWF. In add-on. the household foundations are more common in United State of America and mentioned foundation is portion of the new moving ridge in Europe.

Peninsular Malaysia Forests Programme is another undertaking by WWF Malaysia. WWF Malaysia following its close coaction with the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment ( NRE ) in the readying and disposal of protected countries. WWF-Malaysia and NRE organized the “Master List of Protected Areas in Malaysia” workshop with support from DANIDA in April 2008. The workshop been important as it is the first clip an enterprise has been made to roll up an official list of any tellurian and marine protect are in Malaysia. The chief list of these protected countries to be released will be an elemental tool for preservation planning and disposal.

WWF-Malaysia’s Gunung Stong State Park undertaking in Kelantan organized more than 10 capacity edifice classs for local groups at that place during the last fiscal twelvemonth. including basic entrepreneurship. basic guiding. bird observation and wilderness foremost assistance. These classs will heighten local communities’ supports by actuating their plants in sustainable eco-tourism. 150 people from assorted groups have participated in these classs.

4. 4 Promotion

From high up in the mountaintops to down low at the underside of the sea. WWF-Malaysia is working hard to assist protect the country’s natural environment through several preservation programmes. WWF-Malaysia focuses its preservation work on large-scale precedence countries that encompass a wide scope of wildlife and ecological systems. The ultimate end is to accomplish long-run and sustainable preservation impact in the state by conserving. reconstructing. and protecting a diverseness of species. woods. Marine. coastal. and freshwater environments.

For a living planet. for us. for our kids and the coevalss to come every bit good as Marketing Department of WWF-Malaysia’s chief end is to raise financess from single givers. through limited ware gross revenues every bit good as through corporations and events like ‘ Art for Nature ‘ that successfully raised RM 121. 407. 80 in 2010. Furthermore. the mark is non merely to raise financess. but besides wants to make and advance public consciousness about the environment.

Based on WWF-Malaysia’s 2010 Annual Review. the income largely generated from contributions or bequests from persons and WWF Network Grants with 48. 5 % and 39. 8 % from the entire income severally. while the income generated from publicities and events is merely 0. 2 % . This sum was somewhat decreased compared to the twelvemonth earlier. On the other manus. they managed to raise more financess from contributions of persons to cover the decrease sum of publicity and events income because they put more outgo on bring forthing financess and consciousness. This helps WWF-Malaysia to develop witting public about part of WWF-Malaysia.

There are several ways of how WWF-Malaysia developed witting public about part of WWF-Malaysia. One of them is through media. Their protagonists and voluntaries helped them to administer the printed circulars. booklets. direct selling inserts in taking newspapers and information about WWF-Malaysia’s undertakings to allow people cognize what WWF-Malaysia is making. WWF-Malaysia besides airing the run on the telecasting and wireless about the undertakings they involved in for illustration. The Earth Hour Campaign. They besides responsible to give information about WWF-Malaysia to public through the Internet which people can entree to their official web sites. They besides have linked with other organizations’ web sites which work together with them in certain undertakings.

For people who digital illiteracy or doesn’t have any Internet entree at their place. they do non necessitate the Internet entree to cognize about WWF-Malaysia. Through on the land events and educational booths in high traffic countries in urban Centres and educational establishments helps WWF-Malaysia communicates face-to-face efficaciously with the populace. For illustration. the educational booths will be set up in the promenade or shopping Centres which are crowded with people. WWF-Malaysia’s staffs will be at that place to give account in brief. For illustration. such as ‘Malaysiaku Street Festival’ programme which held at Bankung Row. Bukit Bandaraya. There is WWF-Malaysia’s booth and visitants can come to larn more about WWF-Malaysia’s preservation work.

In add-on. WWF-Malaysia besides works with pupil councils and university nines in order to carry and promote them to go voluntaries and protagonists to assist WWF-Malaysia raise environmental consciousness among their equals. For illustration. WWF-Malaysia worked with pupils councils in several universities across Malaysia in the ‘Egg=Life Campaign ‘ which they managed to acquire 1000s of signatures as the symbol of pupils back uping the attempt of salvaging the polo-neck eggs.

Furthermore. WWF-Malaysia besides continually sends the monthly e-newsletters and quarterly newssheets of Green Heart for the protagonists all over Malaysia to inform them about the latest intelligence of events and undertakings that have been done by WWF-Malaysia. With these e-newsletters and newssheets. protagonists will besides be informed about the approaching events that may pull them to fall in and take part to go voluntaries in such events.

Constructing good dealingss with other companies or authorities besides of import for WWF-Malaysia as they can give strong support for the preservation work that WWF-Malaysia making. For case. ‘The Environmental Educational Programme’ . This programme encourages society to take part in environmental preservation and encompasses WWF-Malaysia’s work towards developing an Environmental Education policy within the National Curriculum. When they work with Government. persons. and corporations. they will hold meetings and construct partnerships. In future. they will collaborate and join forces once more in such events or undertakings. WWF-Malaysia besides can have some sponsorship or new media spouse in order to germinate their undertakings.

WWF-Malaysia marks the market in every degree of ages and every topographic point they lived. But how they classified and persuaded them is different from each other. For illustration. WWF-Malaysia may inquire colleges to back up our signature run but does non inquire pupils to back up them with money. In urban countries. they reach out to professionals through direct selling inserts in taking newspapers. In rural countries. they would make out to protagonists via on land events such as a ‘beach clean-up gotong-royong’ . The corporation besides can lend by contribution of money for the undertaking expenditures or event sponsorship and work as a spouse. The cardinal thing is they know how to aim the audience. what to inquire from each audience is. and so custom-make their channel and content to optimise opportunities of acquiring them to react positively to their demands.

While most corporations’ activities are affected by which merchandises or services will bring forth the most net income. WWF-Malaysia’s aims are to conserve our natural resources. so they undertake nature preservation work wherever the preservation demand is most pressing. such as in high value preservation woods. The selling scheme does non act upon their activities ; instead the selling scheme is determined by what needs to be done for preservation. This shows that their activities and undertakings really influenced on how the selling scheme will be set up and planned in the hereafter in order to derive public consciousness sing the environmental issues.

4. 5 Challenges

Challenges that WWF-Malaysia brushs late is the deficiency of consciousness and involvement among public. WWF-Malaysia is confronting job when seeking to form programmes to make consciousness on the environmental jobs due to human causes among public. The reaction from public are much unconcerned than expected.

For the coevals before 20 centuries in Malaysia. they are less open to the thought of preservation to salvage the planet. Hence. the jobs that the environment confronting such as pollution and extinction of vegetations zoologies are seem to be non of import to them. They tempt to go on their day-to-day activities and works even there are ailments claim that the plants that they making will bring forth pollution to the environment. For those people. income for household are more of import than the public assistance of the society because they ne’er be taught about and exposed to the long term effects of the jobs.

However. although the new coevals is educated about the environmental issues. they seem to be non concern to the issues due to personal attitude such as selfishness. coldblooded. etc. Besides. they are besides influenced by their seniors that we discussed above. Some of them even give up on taking action because they think that the harm to the environment is excessively serious that no solution could be done to bring around it.

The above challenge consequences in inadequate of adult male power in WWF-Malaysia because less people are willing to work for WWF-Malaysia. Due to their attitude to the issue. people think that the attempt of WWF-Malaysia is useless and rejected to assist. Furthermore. since the organisation is not-for-profit organisation. some of the young person today who are mercenary garbage to work with WWF-Malaysia with the idea that they would non gain high income if thy chosen that occupation.

The challenges accordingly lead to another challenge that is public deficiency of cognition about WWF-Malaysia. This is because of the deficient selling schemes done due to inadequate adult male power. Furthermore. the public seldom do research and seek to understand WWF-Malaysia due to the attitude of the populace of being unconcerned.

In short. WWF-Malaysia chiefly faces jobs of the attitude of the populace.

5. 0 Decision

WWF-Malaysia has been involved in policy and protagonism work for over 40 old ages. We have adopted assorted attacks and effectual partnerships to advance policies. programs. programmes. and statute law that integrate environmental concerns for sustainable development. This includes prosecuting with assorted authorities ministries and sections at the federal. province. and local degrees. A hunt for information and interview was conducted to happen out more inside informations and information about the not-for-profit organisation and to hold more understanding about it.

A batch of new cognition was gained from fixing this research on the methods of selling of not-for-profit organisation. One of the most of import elements in environmental preservation is possibly besides one of the most unmarked one of all: Education. Peoples have the power to either protect or destruct the environment. depending on how they choose to populate their lives. These picks dictated by their degree of consciousness on their natural universe. their cognition on the impact they have on it and most significantly. their ability to really make something about it.

The undertaking of conserving the environment through instruction Begins in the formative phases of our lives. which finally determines our attitude and behaviour towards the environment and how these are finally passed on to wining coevalss.

WWF-Malaysia employs a scheme of collaborative partnerships. audiences. and engagement with authorities bureaus. universities. other environmental NGOs. and specific community groups to be agents of preservation.


hypertext transfer protocol: //www. wwwf. org. my
Interviewed with Mr. Brandon Liu


Date: 17th December 2011
Time: 2. 30pm – 4. 30pm
Venue: WWF-Malaysia. Petaling Jaya
Person interviewed: Mr. Brandon Liu

United states: What is the chief facet of WWF’s Marketing Department?
Suan: WWF-Malaysia’s Marketing Dept raises financess from single givers. through limited ware gross revenues every bit good as through corporations and events like Art for Nature.

United statess: How do WWF aims and its selling mix scheme impact its hereafter determination?
Suan: While most corporations’ activities are affected by which merchandises or services will bring forth the most net income. WWF-Malaysia’s aims are to conserve our natural resources. so we undertake nature preservation work wherever the preservation demand is most pressing. such as in high value preservation woods. The selling scheme does non act upon our activities ; instead the selling scheme is determined by what needs to be done for preservation.

United states: What is the major macro environmental factor that affects WWF selling procedure?
Suan: Like all administrations. we are affected by income degrees. When income degrees bead due to economic recession. our contributions drop excessively. with corporate giving being the most elastic.

United statess: How you all come out with all the undertakings and how to accomplish it outcome?
Suan: Our scientists and preservation experts will place which countries need our most pressing attending and set preservation ends.

United statess: How you all decide whether privation do which run on peculiar worth?
Suan: Depending on the preservation demand. For illustration. this twelvemonth Marine polo-necks needed our pressing attending as Torahs should be passed to censor the sale and ingestion of polo-neck eggs.

United states: Different topographic points need different attacks in managing the selling schemes.
Suan: Can u describe in a brief how WWF-Malaysia faces this state of affairs.
WWF-Malaysia’s squad understands the Malayan market good. and we besides get to compare notes from sellers in different states via the WWF planetary web. We are careful to custom-make our channels and our content harmonizing to the protagonist audience. and what we would wish to inquire them to make: donate. subscribe a signature thrust run or take part in an event etc. For illustration. we may inquire colleges to back up our signature run but we do non inquire pupils to back up us with money.

In urban countries. we reach out to professionals via New Media and through direct selling inserts in taking newspapers. In rural countries. we would make out to protagonists via on-ground events such as a ‘beach clean-up gotong-royong’ . The cardinal thing is to cognize your mark audience. what your ask to each audience is. and so custom-make your channel and content to optimize opportunities of acquiring them to react positively to your ask.

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