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The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Is Watching Tv A Waste Of Time. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed.

Nowadays, television has become a major part of our lives. Almost every home has a television. In fact, even restaurants, grocery shop, clinics and also mamak stores have televisions as a way to attract customers. We are now a television nation but this is not something that we should be proud of because television is not a vital necessity in our lives.

Furthermore, too much television is eating our life away. Watching television is a waste of time. When we watch television, we give it our visual and audio attention and there Is very little we can do while watching television.

We may enjoy a snack or two but that only ad up to the television does not allow us to do something else beneficial. A television maybe a source of information but not all that it shows consists of useful information.

We will find more beneficial knowledge from books and other resources compared to television, things like sobe opera, telecommersial, entertainment programs are obviously Junk but many of us seem to enjoy feeding on it every day. Besides that, people like students tend to spend too much time on television and forget that they have other responsibility.

They will not e a good student when televlslon time has occupied most of their time. Consequently, they will have home works not done, revisions forgotten, project incomplete and soon their great will decline.

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As a conclusion, watching television maybe a good way to relax our mind but it is never a good thing to overdo the habit. If we spend too much time on television, we will only end up missing out on other good things In life one day. Therefore it is time to switch off the television and start doing something else Instead. Ways of spending leisure time usefully Nowadays. people are getting busier and busier every day.

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We can hardly find time to relax and unwind but when we do, there are plenty of ways to spend our leisure usefully. First of all, doing exercise is one of the beneficial things we can do when we are free. When we exercise, we can maintain our health and strength. Therefore, we will not come sick and tired easily. Besides that, we can use our leisure time to read. Reading Is a good habit because we can Increase knowledge and Improve our language. We became more confident from reading. In addltlon to this, we can try gardening during our free time. Gardening can calm our nerves and beautify our iving surrounding.

Therefore, our home can look more beautiful and natural which will further enhance our sense of pleasure. Finally, doing house chores is also one of the beneficial ways to spend our leisure time. We get to understand the hard work and effort needed to maintain appreciate our parents who have been working hard maintaining our home to the tip top condition. As a conclusion, time Is precious, let alone leisure time which are hard to get for some people. Therefore, we must use our time wisely and beneficial so we will not waste our life away. Do you agree watching television is waste of time?

Most people agree that television Is one of the most Important Inventions of the past century. Oplnlons vary as to Its value, but no one can deny the great effect that television. I think watching television can be beneficial if we do not abuse using it. Firstly, television is one of the greatest educational tools of all time. Documentary programmes about foreign countries and their inhabitants, instructional programmes on science, medicine, engineering, natural history and many others are all brought to the homes of ordinary people, who without television would have nown very little or nothing about these things.

In connection to that, special School Television has been introduced in many parts of the world including Malaysia where Astro broadcast an educational channel specially designed for our schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. Teachers can make full use of the channel as a teaching aid since many of the programmes are prepared according to the syllabus taught in schools. In these programmes, instructional tools such as pictures, films, and diagrams are used to greatly add to the knowledge of the pupils. What is the entertainment value of watching television?

At best, TV is good form of entertainment which either stimulates or creates an interest in the arts. We can see top line artists cheaply and from comfort of our homes. A concert by Justin Bieber, a movie directed by Steven Spielberg, a tour of Europe visiting all the top draws and an hour with the wild animals from Africa. All these would be beyond the resources of most of us. In the past, movie-going was limited to the rich. Nowadays there are many good movies that can be seen on television with first class actors and actresses.

Consequently, access to entertainment becomes more affordable with television. Watching televisions is one of the most popular hobbies for students nowadays. But some peoples said that television is not important modern inventions for students. But most students have the opinion that the television is important and needed. By watching television, it can provide a good source of information. Examples like National Geographic and Animal Planet TVs show. It tells us about world and animals around us, some students cannot understand if there is Just only learn about theory.

This channel provides some 3D show like how an animal grows so students can understand it easily. Next, students can watch lives events or news on television. In that time, they could spend more time with family by watching the television together. After that, students could watch interesting programs on TV like dramas, comedy and many more with their family. Means students were not only could explore what is going on around them but they can gain more interested to be with their family from their friends.

By watching news or dramas in TV, they could get moral value because every act by ctor in the film, they could be more understanding on why and how to be a good person. Generally, students could fill their time more wisely. Because some students nowadays, they cannot spend their times correctly examples like smoking, loafing gaining frequently nowadays and no wonders, they are lack of moral values and cannot respect anybody that are older than them anymore including their parents. In a nutshell, watching television is not a disaster thing or hobby for students but it was very important for them to gaining more knowledge and new information

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