Similarities Between Watching Movie At Home And Cinema

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Movies are part of our lives. Watching movies has different impact to different kinds of people, which entails many significant and insignificant contributions to one’s lifestyle. According to “The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language” (, “movie is a form of entertainment that enacts a story by a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement”. Watching it leaves something in the mind of the viewers, may it be information, facts, or any other ideas.

Movies have different themes that cater to different viewers.

Watching movies can be done using two different medium, in movie theaters or on television. These different media has different impacts due to difference in environment. Movie theaters are designed for viewers who want to see the movie in a larger than life-size picture. Watching it in theaters enables you to experience the impact and quality of the technical aspects of the movie in full blast. It is like being part of the movie while watching it in big screen, which makes the viewing more entertaining.

The purpose of a movie is to entertain, that is why theaters exist for viewers to maximize the viewing experience. Watching a movie in theater gives you access to scenes that are possible of deletion on television due to sensitive issues that it entail. In other words, it is left uncut for us to view the whole story unedited. Sometimes, obscene scenes are essential parts of that movie, thus making it less appealing to the viewers when left edited.

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People who watch movies in theaters have the advantage of viewing the movie for the first time or when it became available to the public.

Watching Movie Essay

But there are also disadvantages. Due to costs incurred by producers in coming up with a movie, some of the burden of costs is passed to the viewers in theaters in the form of entrance fees set by the owners of movie theaters; thus, increasing the expenses of an individual who watched movies, which is deducted from his financial budget. In order to watch a certain movie, you need to spend some money for you to make it possible. The inconvenience it brought due to traveling aspects and the notion that strangers are watching with you on the same place gives you an uneasy feeling when planning to watch on a movie theater. The unfamiliar environment of people gives you a feeling of depriving your privacy due to the fact that you shared that place with other people.

The other medium of the viewing experience is through television. Viewers can still watch movies in televisions without costing any amount. Watching the movie of your choice at the comfort of your home is really a good benefit to someone who practically wants to be entertained. You don’t need to get dressed or be presentable due to the fact that you are at your own territory. Not only it saves you money, but it also saves you time and energy because home is where you find yourself relaxed and at peace. Watching movies on television gives you freedom to do whatever you want while watching, leaving you unbothered by other people. Aside from that, you maybe able to watch old movies that you are not practically able to watch when they are publicly released like the classical movies years ago.

Movies on television usually are interrupted by commercial gaps, for they are sponsors of particular networks; thus, making the viewing experience boring and time-consuming. Sometimes, some parts of the movies are edited out of the story due to some sensitive issues like pornography and extreme violence. As a result, it became less intense because that deleted parts have some significance to the movie’s totality. Movies are edited to make it viewer-friendly because most television viewers are minors not allowed to watch such thing.

Watching movies gives us entertainment and satisfaction that only the particular viewers can explain. It gives lessons and guides to our living. Practically, it adds color to our mind and soul.

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