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Hurst has a happy ending Weldon describes. Jeanie in the end reconciliations and reassess herself spiritually. When Janis?s final husband of this book dies she really gets love. All of what she’s been through has really taught her what love really is. She says, “Love is lack De sea. It’s uh moving’ thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from De here it meets, and it’s different with every 191).

Not that the ending is joyful and ecstatic but the ending is enlightening to Jeanie.

An enlightening ending is an ending that may not leave you happy for the main character but it doesn’t leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Genie’s enlightenment about love and her life is something she will carry on for the rest of her life. Genie’s quest for true love satisfies her by the end of the book. There isn’t any point in trying to search for true love because she already found it and it dies with Teacake.

Their Eyes Were Watching God Ending Analysis

Genie’s hunger for love stretches across three long marriages. This can be compared to a super bowl team after they win the super bowl. The super bowl team is already the best in the world so what’s the point in trying again? Jeanie has come through a huge moral development since the beginning. This is also one of the parts in Welder’s happy ending. At the beginning Jeanie believes that true love will appear after marriage and that it doesn’t happen fore (thanks to her grandmother).

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Her second marriage was a different moral development, one that strengthened her to find a good man. The last marriage developed her into what true love is really about. This entire book boils down into a Weldon happy ending. It involves moral development, spiritual reassessment, and reconciliation.

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