Watching a Girls Basketball Game

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Never in my life had I ever seen this many girls fight so hard to take a basketball from another. Right from the very first tick of the clock, both teams battled for every two points that was scored during the first half of the game.

It was an even match between the two teams the entire time but sadly, by half-time, HHS was losing to WSJ by twelve points.  The first two quarter of the girl’s basketball game had been so exciting that every spectator was sitting on the edge of their seats when the girls game back for the second half of the game.

During half-time, my friends and I had been fortunate in meeting some of the team members, which made the game even more exciting because we actually had a real connection with a few of the players who were able to get back in the game by third quarter.

The crowd had become so loud that I could barely hear my friend talking, who was standing next to me.

They were going crazy from the excitement of the game and I almost felt as if I were watching Michael Jordan at a professional basketball game as the lights around me grew brighter! It was the most spectacular game our school had ever competed in. Seven points was all that separated my school from catching up and when the two-minute buzzer warned us that this was our last chance, my heart pounded inside my chest! But with those two minutes, HHS scored the winning points that put us over the top! That was the best game that I had ever seen, where girls played, anyway!

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Watching a Girls Basketball Game
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