In sociology, there are 3 paradigms. There is the conflict theory perspective, the symbolic-interaction perspective and the structural-functionalist perspective. From a conflict paradigm point of view, the essay would focus on gender and how the assumption that girls lack the same level of strength and stamina as men. The WNBA (Women National Basketball League) doesn’t get the same amount of respect as the males do in the NBA (National Basketball League). Another issue could be that the NBA players have a higher annual salary than an average teacher.

A structural-functionalist approach could be focused on how it creates jobs (the NBA) and academically too. Basketball could also be focused on how it also entertainment for the public and how it could build ones character. From a symbolic-interaction perspective, not only can it be focus on how basketball unifies people together, but it also has to ability to express aggression in a positive, rather than destructive way. Another example could be how two different players can have the same goal, but different motivates.

One player can be motivated by the love for the game and another can be motivated by the thrill of competition. The best paradigm out of the 3 to study for the game of basketball would from a structural-functionalist perspective. From a structural-functionalist perspective, basketball can have a huge affect on people lives. Friendships can also be created by having a conversation about basketball or after playing a game of basketball. One of the biggest things about basketball is how entertaining it can be on television.

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The Sociological Perspective Focuses On What

Another view points from a structural-functionalist perspective are the job opportunities the game of basketball is given. Since the NBA has such a huge fan base, there are many jobs given. When there are games being played in arenas, there’s a plenty of jobs given in the arena and with those opportunities, it expands the economy. Other jobs are given as trainers, team doctors, etc. It can also lead to coaches that are need for school basketball teams. How does playing basketball for a school can help a student academically in high school from a structural-functionalist perspective?

You notice that playing basketball for a high school can help physically, mentally, socially, and academically. Not only does playing basketball for a school not only build friendships between team members, but could also give them that competitive edge to become better than who they are physically and mentally. For a student to continue playing basketball for a school, he’ll have to stay in shape for the season and be able to keep the grades above average. Academically, at a college level, basketball is a good and bad thing.

Majority of universities pay attention to the student skill level at the sport rather than his grades, just to ensure the schools success. Paragraph 5 = From a structural-functionalist perspective, you realize that by the game of basketball, you can build friendships easily just by having something in common like loving the game. You also notice how job opportunities can be given by playing the sport or becoming a trainer in the game and help the athletics stay in shape. By having more job opportunities, it expands the economy.

From a young age, basketball can not only help you academically, but help you get into colleges. Paragraph 1 = the 3 paradigms Paragraph 2 = friendships are built thru basketball. Gyms, reck team, common love for a team or player Paragraph 3 = the job oppurities basketball given. The NBA, other internation leagues, or becoming a trainer for a basketball player Paragraph 4 = academic level for basketball. Its good for high school students. College universities rather have good skills and bad in brain.

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