Compare And Contrast Football And Basketball

Football and basketball are the most commonly played sports in nowadays in America. In my opinion, I think that basketball is better than football, because of its environment, teamwork and physical contact. The first consideration of the differences will come from the way the games are played. While football is played outdoors where the lighting and temperatures are not controlled, basketball is mostly played indoors where the lighting and the temperatures are under control due to their artificial provision. The other difference appears due to the size of the field that is used.

The football field is probably larger than that of the basketball. Court of the football is provided because the ball is under less control because it is kicked and thrown. In basketball, the control of the ball is maintained for the ball remains at hand, it can be controlled in a smaller place.

The other crucial difference is the way the players interact with the ball. With the football, the ball is played by fumbling while in basketball, the ball is played by bouncing it up and down repeatedly on the floor an act known as dribbling.

In football, the main objective of the game is to capture the territory of the opponent in ten-yard segments, eventually driving the ball to the opposing team’s end district. With basketball, the main aim is to throw the ball in as many styles as possible into the opposing team’s basket given that the more baskets the team makes the higher the score.

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Comparing Football And Basketball

The other difference is the physical contact between the players. In basketball, it is highly discouraged and many result into a foul especially when a player knocks the opponent down. In the football, there is no problem with this rather it is encouraged to help with the retrieval of the ball. Contact in football is called a tackle. Another difference is the reason why suspensions are given to the players. In football, a suspension is given due to injuries caused to the opponen…

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Compare And Contrast Football And Basketball
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