Proper Waste Disposal and Waste Mangement

Very special thanks to my fellow classmates who have been readers to my research paper and who have pointed Out my mistakes. Would like to thank them for exchanging ideas with me and for helping me deal with the arduous publishing process of paper. I doubt that I won’t be able to express my appreciation to them fully, but I owe them all my gratitude. I would also like to acknowledge my friends for being the ones who have motivated me to develop focus, as well as self confidence.

Without their support and understanding, I would not have accomplished this research paper.

Lastly, I must acknowledge my beloved teacher, Ms. Nancy Ramose, for being the greatest help would ever need in this research. Without her skills and assistance in writing this, won’t be able to finish this research. And without her, this research wouldn’t have been made possible. Abstract Improper ways of disposing are common nowadays.

History and Importance of Waste Management

Therefore, researches about proper waste disposal and waste management are of great interest.

This study shows how the collection, transport, processing, recycling, and monitoring of waste materials can be as important as can be. Its immediate objective is to inform the readers, the community, and the society about how properly disposing our waste materials can change lives. To come up with a research output, some books were used as a good source of materials and some people who worked for the governments waste management had been interviewed.

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Also, observation of wastes all around Metro Manila had been done for a good source of evidence of whether or not people dispose their wastes properly.

As a result, the knowledge of waste disposal will be imparted not just to any special figure or anyone who works for the government management, but also to any citizen, may it be a student or a teacher, or a parent or a child, just like you. L, therefore, conclude that it is important and beneficial for everyone to know how to dispose their wastes properly contribute to the improvement of our Mother Nature. Hopefully, this may be of good use to better understand how our wastes affect our atmosphere greatly. Introduction In the early pre-industrial times, wastes compose of ashes from fires, bones, bodies, and vegetable wastes. They are disposed underground( serve as compost and contribute to the soil’s improvement.

But only amounts of ash, broken tools, and pottery were excavated by the archeological digs. Everything was repaired and reused and population smaller before. The change from nomadic hunter-gatherer to farmer that wastes could no longer be left behind. Because waste could no LLC left behind, it had become a big issue. Reusing and recycling became everyday routine since the industrial revolution, wherein materials be more available than labor.

There was a reuse system of bronze scrap operation 4000 years ago in Europe where they discovered that com started in China. Reusing and recycling is widely recognized in the for salvage, the usual tradition until the Rag-and-Bone men. Conventional salvaged materials included leather, feathers, and textiles. Feeding eve wastes to farm animals is also considered as a form of recycling, and as using green wastes as fertilizers. Soon after, some activities for improvements Were done such as the melting down and re-casting of the salvaging of timber, etc.

But as the populations in cities had incur space for disposal had decreased. And because of that, societies had developed waste disposal systems. Proper waste disposal reduces HTH of waste into the atmosphere by observing the proper methods of dif Because improper disposal of our wastes imposes cost on others, WA disposal has been a big political issue. Dirty disposal methods such a: dumping are big problems nowadays. Though the easiest among any method, it creates health risks for the public.

Waste disposal was not observed and monitored properly; therefore, everyone must comply methods used in order to achieve environmental advantages. Achieve awareness in proper waste disposal is important to lessen the waste dispose improperly.

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Proper Waste Disposal and Waste Mangement
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