The negative association with sex outside of marriage arises due to the many consequences it could have; such as the ‘broken trust’ that follows due to the violation of the vows taken inferno of God. With infidelity that has been committed by the women brings uncertainty on who the father is of any offspring this is frowned upon as men do not want to spend money and time on children that are not theirs. Also sex outside of marriage can also spread disease to the innocent which could cause physical and emotional pain.

Utilitarianism only asks whether sexual behavior will cause harm or give pleasure: if, on balance, it produces more pleasure than harm, then it’s good. This isn’t an excuse for wholesale rape and promiscuity; you have to think of your own pleasure, but also your partner’s and everybody else who would be affected. This is known as the harm principle and it rules out rape, adultery in most cases and other harmful, coercive or deceitful sexual behaviors.

Utilitarian Marriage

Jeremy Bantam’s writings on the law of marriage are firmly based on the principle of utility, the ‘greatest happiness principle’, which asserts that all human actions are motivated by a wish to avoid pain and gain pleasure. Beneath placed sexual love, which he described as physical sire, in the category of ‘self-regarding’ motives for human behavior, along with ‘pecuniary interest’, love of power, and self preservation. Therefore in the course of drafting a utilitarian law of marriage Beneath set out an explanation of the pleasures and pains of sexual love.

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His discussions led him far beyond the confines of legal marriage and into the realm of what would today be described as gender relations. These might be homosexual, heterosexual, monogamous or otherwise, within or outside of marriage. Bantam’s views on sex and the principle of utility are dad particularly clear when he writes about wives, prostitutes and mistresses, and it was in this context that Beneath made his radical suggestion for short-term marriages.

Utilitarianism is seen as a liberal approach to sexual ethics and those who are liberal beings would believe this to be the best approach for them However it is still difficult in practice to measure if the pleasure outweighs the pain and who directly gets hurt. The utilitarian approach is too liberal and allows for the slippery slope effect to take place where anything could in affect be Justified by stating that he greatest happiness is being maximized.

A Christian approach to extra marital sex such as natural law will have a more rigid and stricter approach. The majority of churches today follow biblical principles, encouraging marriage as the ‘right’ environment for sex. The Roman Catholic Church gives clear teaching on this: “every genital act must be within the framework of marriage”. If people do not follow this then they do not reach their full potential and reach demimondaine. Sex outside of marriage is forbidden.

This allows people to make clear decisions when considering pinion this is the best approach as since the sexual revolution of the sass’s, Britain has witnessed increased numbers of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Fixed moral and religious rules would have prevented these problems. Utilitarianism is not an appropriate approach to extra marital sex as it is too liberal and can allow the potential for abuse. Sex is a sacred activity which should take place in the commitment of marriage; during a marriage ceremony, Anglicans vow “with my body I thee worship.

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