Rogerian Argument on Same Sex Marriage

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A2 same sex marriage Gay marriages have been one of the hottest and controversial topics in our society. There are still problems concerning this issue of homosexuality and gay marriages. Same sex marriages are legal in Hawaii, but in all other states couples must be of the opposite sex to form a marriage. Hawaii’s decision to legalize same sex marriages is considered a milestone victory for gays and may cause a ripple affect for similar action in other states. Those who support gay marriages justify their position by the concept of love.

These supporters of gay marriages feel as though gay people are being deprived of their right to love. Many people believe that gay people deserve the right to love and to take that love and form a marriage. These people believe that gays want to feel justified, meaning that as a couple they should be able to define their own marriage for themselves and make their own set of rules.

Supports of same-sex marriages feel as though homosexuals are being deprived of their God given right to get married. They believe that arguments against same sex marriages are unconstitutional, and they simply do not justify a ban on same sex marriages.It is not the idea of two people of the same sex getting married that frightens people so much, but it is the thought of change and the fact that the federal government will redefine marriage to allow same sex unions. When people picture the results of same sex marriages, they see images of unstable homes.

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Everyone would probably agree that homosexuality has changed our society, and legalizing same sex marriages is not likely to be an exception. It would be an injustice to discriminate against a person if he or she were gay.

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Rogerian Argument on Same Sex Marriage
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