LGBTQ Rights and Same-Sex Marriage

The battle in which same sex couple should be allowed to be together or not, has been a struggle for those who are part of the LGBT community. The majority of the people who are part of the LGBT community receive a lot of discrimination towards them based on their sexuality. Same sex marriage should be equal for those who are attracted to the same sex because people should have the freedom to be with whoever they desire to be with.

Humans shouldn’t be discriminated against for who they love, and so their rights should be honored in the same way America honors everyone rights.

For the majority of people, heterosexuals, being able to marry their significant other is easy. Unfortunately for the minority, other sexual orientations, it’s much harder. According to the first Amendment of the United States, Cornell Law School states the following, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise.

” This being said, Citizens of the United States have the freedom to do what they desire and be free to be who they would like to be. According to article written by Gale 37 states have already legalized same sex marriage, it says, “By 2014, same-sex marriage was legal in 37 states” (“LGBTQ Rights and State Laws”).Having 37 states legalize same sex marriage gives hope to those who wants to get married to their significant other with same sex and also reinforces security and not feel discriminated in their own skin for loving who they desire.

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There are a lot of thoughts that go through the mind of a homosexual human being, fear of expressing themselves through their clothes or even kissing their partners.

People tend to be afraid on matter that they are not used to seeing. Feder states, “Washington voters will be the first to consider on a statewide initiative to ban job discrimination against gays”(Feder). Homosexuals shouldn’t be banned from having a job due to their sexual orientation. Same sex couples also should be given equal rights to provide for their families and their selves.

As humans we shouldn’t be judged at or looked at differently just because we might be attracted to the same sex. Everyone should be treated equally and with respect no matter the sex or cultural background. The same way America honors everyone rights they should honor gay rights as well.

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