Utilitarian aspect of an attitude toward a behavior relates to usefulness, value, and intelligence of the behavior as perceived by the consumer. Hedonic aspect relates to pleasure experienced or anticipated from the behavior.

Essay Example on Utilitarian Vs Hedonic Needs

Utilitarian product

The utilitarian product that I choose would be a Honda Accord. This product is utilitarian because it is offered at an affordable price. The car gets great gas mileage and the dealership offers great financing so that you are able to afford it.

Hedonic product

The hedonic product that I choose is the Mini Cooper.

I am choosing this product because I can choose the color that I want and the style of the Mini Cooper. Also I choose this product because of the dimensions and cargo space that it offers. The Honda website shows at least ten different models and the pricing on each one. The Honda website also shows how you can build and price your own Honda so it can have all the features that you want.

You have the option of selecting your own color and add on accessories to the car, such as sunroof, 6 disc cd changer and a consumer can also choose if they want to have alloy wheels on the car.

It also shows how many people can be seated in the car and how many miles you get to a gallon, which most of the cars on the website range from 25 miles per gallon all the way up to 44 miles per gallon.

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With gas being at an all time high, that would definitely be a great factor to look at if a consumer was purchasing a car. The website also lets you know which car is the most fuel efficient and it shows cars that they use, which have an alternative to using fuel.

As a consumer, you have many features to choose from and options to decide between before making a decision on what car you want. The Mini Cooper has a lot to offer. It is small and efficient to fit any consumer’s needs. They offer Sirius XM Satellite Radio with a 1 year subscription and they also offer HD radio technology. The car offers either a 6-speed Getrag transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission. They offer the hardtop, the convertible, the coupe and also the John Works models.

The Mini Cooper website states that it offers 488 miles per tank, which is a great feature and I don’t think any consumer could turn away from that feature because every American wants to save money and by offering the Mini Cooper with such good gas mileage, it would make the average consumer look at this vehicle twice. It also offer an active safety feature that keeps you from having an accident and it meets the passive safety features, which offers an ultra rigid body, 6 airbags with side protection, crash sensor system and an engine immobilizer.

The Mini Cooper also has a suggested retail price starting at $20,200, which is really great for all the features that it offers. Fuel, safety, and performance with this car are all positive features to make a consumer want to purchase the Mini Cooper.

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