Marriage Equality as a Right Entitled to Human Beings in In Defense of Marriage, an Essay by John Cornyn

John Cornyn, a Republican US Senator from Texas, wrote an essay regarding his views on marriage equality, and same-sex marriage. In this essay, Cornyn discusses how marriage equality laws puts traditional marriage under threat and how it is a constitutional attack on traditional marriage, Cornyn goes on to criticize the case of Lawrence v. Texas by sarcastically commenting on the results of the cases This paper will prove to Cornyn that his views are beyond wrong. In his essay, not only does he not have any evidence or support for his argument, he also repeatedly commits multiple fallacies within his arguments By observing and analyzing each of Cornyn’s statements, as well as challenging them, the reader will be able to see that marriage equality is a right that is entitled to all human beings.

Cornyn being one of the authors of DOMA, the law that perceives marriage as “union of man and one woman” (Roca & Schuh, 2017), is openly against same sex marriage.

However, being a strong believer of something doesn‘t give grounds to blurt out statements with no support to back it up, In his essay, Cornyn states that traditional marriage laws are under serious threat. The truth of it is there is no effect on traditional marriage laws because of marriage equality. Traditional marriage laws allow a woman and a man to get married, and marriage equality allows whoever loves each other to get married, Allowing same—sex couples to get married isn’t saying that now traditional couples can’t get married There‘s absolutely no threat on traditional marriage or its laws United States isn’t going to take away traditional couples’ right to marriage like they’ve been doing to same-sex couple’s for decades Marriage equality will in fact promote marriage, and demote discrimination such as openly shown in Cornyn’s essays It will be because of marriage equality that thoughts such as Cornyn’s will be slowly but surely erased.

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The essay outrageously attempts to support its statements by saying that most Americans believe that children are best raised by a father and a mother. It might come to Cornyn as a surprise that divorce rates are soaring high, and most families are children being raised by a single father or a single mother. By saying that most Americans believed that children are best raised by a father and a mother, not only is Cornyn insulting same-sex couples but also the single fathers and mothers who put their all in raising their child in the best of their abilities. Ultimately, Cornyn’s opinion don‘t really agree with those of Americans Moreover, even if it did, children are irrelevant to same-sex marriage. This is because marriage doesn‘t mean, traditional or not, that a couple will have kids. The couple might be having problems having kids, maybe they can‘t have kids, or maybe they just don’t want any.

In other words, children aren’t a foundation to state that same-sex couples can’t be married Cornyn also coldly accuses same-sex couples in his essay by stating that same»sex couples are trying to manipulate the law and court and “well-meaning Americans”. It’s unfair that same-sex couples who are only trying to fight for what has been their right from the beginning are being treated like evil manipulators, whereas the “well-meaning Americans” who continually criticize and standby doing nothing for this injustice is being treated as innocent citizens He also accuses same-sex couples of distracting people from traditional marriage values. Well that’s ironic of Cornyn to say since he closes his essay by stating how various named Democrats are supportive of marriage equality and thus, will aim to get rid of DOMAi It seems that Cornyn is using the controversial topic of same—sex marriage as a gateway to attack Democrats politically, and he therefore seems to be the one distracting people from which values are truly morali.

Cornyn commits the fallacy of appeal against the authority by throwing in that these certain Democrats are also supportive of this topic It‘s not whoever thinks of this topic positively matters, it’s the actual topic that matters. lt’s irrelevant that these Democrats support marriage equality and that these Republicans are against marriage equality. Furthermore, Cornyn attempts to criticize the case of Lawrence v. Texas. I state that he attempts, because he merely states a quote from the case and adds quotation marks in certain places for the effect of sarcasm, However, there isn’t he can say anything about it, because the very quote he states isn‘t a quote that can be challenge: “Our laws and tradition afford constitutional protection to personal decision relating to marriage, procreation, contraception, family relationships, child rearing, and education”. Persons in a homosexual relationship may seek autonomy for these purposes, just as heterosexual persons do”, Additionally, he states that “legal experts and commentators” are saying that same-sex marriage will strike down traditional marriage in no time. But there’s no mention of who these legal experts and commentators are, thus, the reader of his essay isn’t aware if these people are truly legal experts and commentators.

Thus, there’s still no evidence in his essay to support any of his arguments. As can be seen, Cornyn is a person who doesn’t realize that every human is entitled to certain rights when they’re born, and being able to marry the person they love is one of them. Cornyn attacks same-sex couples and marriage equality with hateful comments such as that they are confusing well—meaning Americans and striking down traditional marriage, without realizing that he is promoting a cycle of hate, and discrimination. When there‘s no marriage equality, same-sex couples don’t only have a union among themselves, but the right of hospital visits, Social Security benefits, and pension are all taken away from them They’re basically not treated as all other citizens are, and this just isn’t right. We already experienced this in history with nationwide racism towards African»Americans, we don’t need to continue repeating ourselves now with same—sex couples.

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