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Two Shaft Gas Turbine Simulator Lab Report Paper

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It has isentropic processes occur that upon investigation describes the Carrot cycle. It can be shown that it is the most efficient cycle for converting a given amount of Herman energy into work, or conversely, creating a temperature difference by doing a given amount of work. Calculations were done for the air compressor, combustion chamber and turbines. Power, isentropic efficiency, mechanical efficiency and pressure loss were all deduced with error factors in mind. In the combustion chamber, the overall pressure loss and the turbine entry temperature were calculated excluding the theoretical temperature rise in the thermal efficiency calculation.

Essay Example on Two Shaft Gas Turbine Experiment Conclusion

In turbine 1, pressure ratio and thermal efficiency was calculated, However frictional reheating occurs allowing the calculation or thermal efficiency to be ‘tweaked” a little. In the gas generator power, isentropic and mechanical efficiency were calculated with both the turbine and the compressor considered. Similarly the gas turbine calculations were done taking into consideration that the fifth temperature had to be theoretically derived, allowing for some margin of error. Finally the overall power efficiency of the two-shaft turbine Vass calculated with the adjusted thermal efficiency from the chamber.

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